Written by the lad

18 Nov 2017

Trying to concentrate on the amazing shag i was getting Duncan decided he would push another finger into Jenny's fanny and now with 2 fingers up her the sensation began to feel really horny..Jenny stopped riding me, so i began to thrust up her just to get the feeling of her wet fanny and duncans fingers..i thrust so hard my cock popped out of her completely and was just about to guide it back in and felt duncan grab hold of it and forced it back in jenny waiting fanny..I just though fuck it and get over the fact he was obviously bi curious and it was 2 lads and 1 bird here after all..We decided to try another position, so Jenny got up and laid on her back..I got down and put her legs over my shoulders and started thrusting..Duncan was standing just beside of me wanking and my eyes were only a few inches away from his cock..It was fucking superb sight..the thickness was to much for me and felt the twinge in my cock and said i was gonna cum..jenny said shoot it all over me..I pulled out and was just about to start wanking, when duncan looked at me and said would it be ok if and i just nodded and he started wanking me off..even if i wanted i could not stop him because i was that close..after a few thrusts of his wrist i began to shoot..jesus i can honesty say, i have never shot so much in my whole life it just seemed to go on and on like a fountain..I could even smell it there was so much of the stuff..when i finally stopped we began laughing and Duncan shaking his head he says that was fucking unbelievable mate wow,,Jenny was plastered in cum her belly tits chin face hair..I felt faint and knackered..I had to sit down and just wondered what the fuck had just happened, would i have cum that much if duncan had not have taken control,,I really dont think i would have done,,Duncan began wiping jenny down with a towel and wipes..I went and had a shower and when i dried and returned Duncan was just about to mount jenny from behind..i heard her gasp! as he thrust hes way in gently and although he kept using lube you could tell it was difficult getting the girth all the way in..I went over and got a better look and told Duncan go for it mate get her juices flowing and it will so go in all the way..He kept thrusting and the noise was out of this world..He soon got the rhythm going and was going all the way to his balls deep..Jennys face cheeks were glowing red and her breathing was intense..Duncan now was pounding hard and hes balls were slapping her arse on every thrust..I was again hard as fuck and Duncan says let her suck that cock, give the slut a spit-roast,, i did as i was told and we were both soon thrusting both ends,,At this point Dunan seemed to take control and began spanking jennys arse hard and telling her how dirty she looks in the mirror with the 2 cocks inside here..He then grabbed her hair and began really pounding her..He told me to get that cock back in her mouth now and choke the slag.I began to take control of her mouth and she was making noises like a wild animal..Duncan stopped pounding her and pulled her roughly into another position..She was now on her back and he ordered me to go to the bottom of the bed and take her legs and hold them over her shoulders..as her fanny was now fully exposed he squirted lube all over her clit and then stretched fully the whole of the bed and began pounding her slowly at first and then the pace quickened and before long he was going full throttle and hes cock was literally lifting her pussy off the bed it was so tight inside of her..the bed was creaking like fuck and the noise must have been heard all over the hotel..I could hardly keep hold of her feet he was fucking her so hard..no wonder she dont was Steve anymore..I just could not believe that duncan could fuck like this and it was like something out of a very hardcore porno..I was in awe with him and felt like he had somehow taken control of me..This continued for a while but obviously he could not last forever..He said to me Danny get over here and watch me i am about to cum..his thrust increased and then pulled out roughly and grabbed my hand and started to wank him off..i pushed his tight gripped hand off my wrist and continued wanking him off..even though i could only get half my palm around his cock..a few hard thrusts with my wrist he was cumming..with a yelp he was gushing cum over the bed jennys fanny and belly and quite a bit over me..it smelt of pure sex in the room and we were all sweating like fuck..Duncan calmed down and out of the blue he then grabbed hold of jenny and sat her over his knees and began fucking her hard with 3 fingers..within minutes she was gushing and at first it looked like pee. i soon realized it was pure love cum juice..fuck me it was spurting 3-4 foot in the air and even some hit the mirror on the dressing table..she was thrusting about and seemed like she was having mad spasms..it was so fucking horny that i just cum without touching my cock..it just started erupting and dripping out of me..it was so intense and made me shudder with pleasure and slight pain..It was all over and it seemed like none of us knew what to say to each other..but then duncan says, shalle we all jump in the shower..So all 3 of us were soon soaping each other down and giggling like kids..when dried down we ordered another drink and then Jenny asked me to stay and she got into bed..then duncan got in with her, so i though fuck it and jumped in with them..we all had a kiss together and the light was turned off and we all slept..i think cause we were all knackered..when i woke jenny was in the shower and i saw i was semi hard..i pulled it to one side and then noticed duncan was awake watching me..he smiled and with his head beckoned me over to hes side of the bed and like he had some spell over me he began kissing me and saying he wanted to wank me for years and often wanked over me when he saw me in the street..i was quite chuffed and he then started to suck my cock and in no time i was cumming in his mouth..not a massive load this time..but felt amazing..he then grabbed me and kissed me and made me drink my own cum..He then rubbed my head and went to the bathroom..I soon heard him and jenny fucking again.but this time is was more like love making and sounded gentle..I dressed and wrote down my mobile number and left the hotel and went home..when i got home i just lay in my room with thousands of thoughts going through my head and just could not believe what had happened the night before and then i fell asleep again..I woke up and thought the whole thing had been a dream..then i heard my phone with a text..It was Duncan saying thanks mate,,speak soon and cant wait for us all to try some more stuff soon..lets take it a bit further next time mate..It was no dream and now i was feeling happy and nervous about what was to come next..I went downstairs and went into the front room and Steve was there with my brother..he said fuck me mate..looks like you had a mad night..I just smiled and said yeah to right i did..will tell more adventures soon...