Written by JP

6 Sep 2018

Kids are back at school, weather still ok and young mums still baring pretty much everything as they catch the dying embers of this fabulous summer. If you have read the original Surprise Flash post from 2 years ago, you will know of my first encounter with a particularly naughty mum who clearly knew I was looking and "accidentally" flashed me not once, but twice. For some unknown reason, she got out of her car to readjust her kid's seatbelt - having already adjusted her knickers so she gave me a great flash as she got back in - very slowly.

Fast forward to yesterday and she parked next to me as we dropped kids off at school - my daughter having already taken her son in. She saw me looking at her and seemed to be messing around somewhat before opening her car door and slowly climbing out. I wasn't sure, but in the absence of the flash of any colours at all, I was pretty certain she was knickerless. This was confirmed as she bent into the rear of her SUV to release her kiddie - something that seemed to take an awfully long time. She had a fairly short skirt on and I just sat there and gazed in awe at her magnificent peachy bum with just enough of a view of her pussy lips when she leant fully into the car. Sadly, all too soon she stood up, flashed the most gorgeous smile at me and flounced off towards school. At this point my daughter returned and, having no excuse to linger, we had to go.

What a truly great start to the day. Somehow I've got to get her in conversation and arrange to meet, although I fear that she is almost certainly just a prick teaser.