Written by YorkieBar121

4 Jan 2017

This happened just before Christmas. My job involves going to customer houses. I go to collect something then take it back once repaired so I might only meet them twice. I went to a house of a retired guy who's wife had died some years ago. He invited me in and made me a coffee. We chatted while we filled in the paperwork and I got a feeling that he was straight but thought he seemed the type I could change. A week later I went back with his repaired item and again had a coffee. I purposely slid my spare phone down the edge of the sofa so I had an excuse to return. I said bye and went on my way. The next day I text him saying I'd lost my phone and was it at his. He replied saying yes so I arranged to collect it that night as I said I was going to be in his area but I might look different to what he has seen and left it at that.

That night I got dressed up. Long Blonde wig. Makeup. Short dress. Black stockings. Knee high black heeled boots. False boobs and sexy black lacy underwear. Just like my profile pics. It was 8 o'clock and dark when I knocked on his door. He answered and didn't recognise me at first but I saw him look at me up and down. I said it was me and that I'm sorry to turn up like this but I was on my way somewhere. He said it's ok and asked me in. He made me a coffee and I sat on the sofa showing off my stocking tops. He came and sat next to me on the sofa and again I apologised for shocking him. He said it's fine and that I looked really good. I saw he couldn't stop looking at my legs. Especially when I kept running my hand along them. He asked why I was dressed like a woman and I said I was bi and was going to find a playmate in a carpark. He said be careful and that I shouldn't risk it. I said I was desperate for cock and I could see I was turning him. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my stocking covered leg. He stroked it saying I felt nice and that I had gorgeous legs. I stroked his thigh for awhile then lent in for a kiss. He didn't object and we got into a full passionate kiss. I moved my hand to his bulge in his trousers.

We stopped kissing and I got on my knees in between his legs and massaged his cock. It felt big. I got it out and straight away had it in my mouth. Giving him a wonderful blowjob. I tasted his precum and didn't stop giving his cock and balls attention. It wasn't long until I felt him tense and then he filled my mouth full of his hot creamy spunk. Loads of it. I cleaned up every last drop. Then he said he was sorry for cuming so quick. I said don't worry. He said that he hadn't pleasured me. I stood up and sat on his knee. His cock still out but limp. He caressed my legs and body as we kissed. I played with his cock and got him hard in no time at all. I stood up and stripped off so be just in my black bra with false boobs. Black thong stockings and wig. He looked at me up and down and grabbed my hand and led me into his bedroom. He stripped naked and I pushed him onto his bed. Then straddled him. Sitting on his chest and kissed passionately again. His hands were on my arse gripping my buttocks. I slowly kissed down his chest to his hard cock and again sucked him off. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He said yes so I straddled him and pressed down on his wet cock. I felt his bellend enter me. It was tight as he was big. I pushed his bellend in and out awhile before sliding right down his long thick shaft. I rode him as I moaned. He said he was gonna cum after awhile so I got off and laid on my back as he got up and came over my face. I wiped it all into my face and licked my fingers clean. We laid there for awhile with me smiling knowing that I had changed him. I washed and got dressed and as I was leaving thinking that was it. He held my hand at the door and said he had never even thought of another man in a sexual way let alone done anything like that before. He said he enjoyed it but was sorry he didn't touch my cock at all but he felt strange about it and just wanted to imagine that I was a woman. I said it was fine and that I enjoyed it. He said hopefully next time I go round he would like to try sucking my cock. He gave me my phone and kissed me and said thankyou and don't leave it too long to visit again. I walked away with a smile on my face. Can't wait to go round again. X