Written by PAMMY

17 Apr 2014

I had booked an evening of passion with my lover and this time I wanted my husband to accompany me. He was getting excited thinking about watching me being pleasured by my experienced man and his incredible cock. The hotel was booked, the small bag of goodies was packed and my body nicely pruned for my orgasmic experience.

The time was right to leave the house with my husband and we went to the hotel lobby where I asked for the key to our room. We both went up there and waited for my lover to arrive. Within a few minutes, he arrived at the door, all neatly packed into his very tight jeans. hmmmm! I could not wait to get his kit off and let his manhood give me a good seeing to. We touched each other seductively whilst my husband watched in the corner of the room, his hardness becoming increasingly evident. Bit by bit, I removed my lovers clothing, exposing his toned bod and already erect penis. I couldn't wait to experience his hardness up my tight pussy. He reciprocated by removing my blouse, my tight skirt, leaving me in my bra, thong and suspenders. He slowly removed my bra, revealing my pert swollen breasts and erect nipples. He sucked them and removed my thong as quickly as he could. Before we knew it we were on the bed and he was caressing me. Thats when I had to stop him!

I told him assertively that things were going to be different tonight! I told my lover to sit and watch whilst I cleverly undid my husbands zip and buttons on his trousers and shirt at the same time, eagerly wanting to expose his marital cock. I am proud as it has my name tattooed on it and I can do whatever I want with it. Tonight I want it to be sucked by my lover! This is what I instructed him to do and he did it without any hesitation. Soon after he was enjoying sucking my husband, I asked them both to perform a 69 and this was such a turn on.

I wanted a piece of the action next and I ordered my lover to fuck me but to save his cum for my husband. This, he did, willingly and I enjoyed every minute of it and every inch of him. He is very attentive and knows how to satisfy me. We have taught each other what we like and have explored each others bodies to the extent of finding out every erogenous zone. I wanted to cum but I wanted to teach them both a lesson for being so fucking dirty with each other. I wanted them to sit on the bed and not to touch me whilst I played with my swollen clit whilst fingering myself repeatedly and I came with lots of moaning. I was very wet and they both tasted my delights.

I next wanted my husband to suck my lovers cock whilst I wanked him and played with his arse and balls. He looked good and I wanted my husband to experience cum spurting into his mouth like I do for him. My lover was so turned on, it wasn't long before he came into my husbands mouth and I kissed him and we shared his juices. I then let my husband fuck me on all fours, penetrating me from behind whilst my lover used his experienced fingers and tongue to excite me further. After hard fucking, my husband came up me with his juices leaking out of my stretched pussy.

We all lay there, thinking about what we had done. I was glad I had been so assertive and I am sure the men were too. I will have to think of what to do next time……… I will have my lover all to myself. I want to do something Ive never done before - any dirty ideas?