Written by Brendan

6 Jun 2009

I had been working all day clearing in the garden, i had too mauch waste for the bin so decided to bag it all and take to the council tip. Once id dumped it all i went accross the road to a picnic area, just to use the toilets to wash my hands. I went into a cubilce to have a pee and undid my trousers, i heard a noise and when i looked i could see that there was someone in the disabled toilet next door peeking through a hole. I was turned on at the thought of being watched and slowly got a hard on, i couldnt stop stroking myself knowing i was being watched when a voice said would i like it sucked, as he could take me somewhere to get a realy good blow job.

I buttoned up and came out of the toilet he just said follow me, we walked about 500 yards into the country side and came across a clearing a female voice then shouted \"about fucking time where the hell have you been\" I looked and there was a quite good looking woman wearing a leather mini skit, stockings and a low cut top, she had what i later found to be 42ff boobs.

I was now wondering what was going on when she looked at me and said and whats you dick like, i said ok thanks she then stroked my dick through my jeans rubbing me more and more while i got hard, now im not the most blessed in the world but she seemed to appreciate what i had, she undid my jeans and pulled my cock out and took it between her lips, after a cple of minutes she held my cock tight and said to her fella your turn now make sure you suck him good. Next thing i know she is holding my cock and he is sucking it he was very good and i was soon feeling that feeling i said i\'ll be cumming soon, \"not into him i want you to cum inside me\" she slapped him to push him away and pulled up her skirt \"Fuck me \" she said \"i want him to watch you fuck me\" she moved to the ground next to me with her legs open i bent to taste her fanny, \"no\" she shouted \" i dont want licking yet, i\'m wet enough from watching him suck your cock, fuck me\" she said. I immediately got between her legs and inserted my cock she was bucking like a wild thing and very soon dhe came i didnt last much longer \"dont you dare pull out\" she said \" I want to feel you cum inside me\" that did it for me and i shot my load. \"ok\" she said your turn looking at her falla, she came out from underneath me and held my cock for him to clean, he again took me between his lips and kissed, licked and cleaned my didck until i was hard again, they then swapped places and he held my dick while she sucked, i couldnt believe what was happening to me i didnt think i could cum again so soon but i soon felt that feeling, \"over my tits\" she said \"I want your cum over my tits\" i duly obliged and shot all over her tits. i was spent, or so i thought he then had to clean me again.

I was now realy spent i asked for their number as i would love to spend more time with them, she said that would be fine as long as i was willing to follow her directions.

I am going to visit for the first time tomorrow so i will let you know what happens.