Written by Burlesque_Cpl

17 Feb 2009

Whenever myself and the wife (m39 & f32) go on holiday it always ends up making us a bit frisky. I love my wife being topless and catching guys checking her out. I have mentioned to her how I would like to involve others in our sex life but so far she has not been that interested. If I was honest my ultimate fantasy would be to see her fucked by another man. Not sure that this will ever happen for me though.

Last year we were on holiday in Cyprus having fun. One night we decided to try a bit of roleplay. L would dress up sexy and go to a bar. We had seen a nice hotel up the road with a very posh bar so that was our destination. L suggested that she go a bit early by herself so that she could get into her role. We were going to act as if we were strangers meeting in a bar and take it from there. She got ready and left, I waited about 30 minutes before leaving myself.

To my surprise, and initial annoyance, when I got there she was sat on a sofa with some older man. They were chatting away and laughing. What was even worse was that she completely blanked me as if she didn\'t know me. I ended up getting a drink in the corner and was watching the two of them together. L was knocking back the vodkas which always get her horny. A couple of times she went to the toilet passing me on the way and slyly flashed me a little grin whilst her back was towards the older man. This went on for a couple of hours and by the end of this the older man was stroking the top of her leg and back of her neck.

In the end they both got up and went to the hotel garden. I followed making sure not to be seen. Hiding myself behind a tree I could see them making out, the older man was groping her tits and bum. I was shocked, jealous and aroused at the same time. They made out for about 10 minutes and then he went to put his hand up her skirt. At this point she panicked and confessed to being married, politely telling the man that she had to leave to find me. He was quite put out by this being fairly aroused by this point. He started to whisper something in her ear and she nodded in agreement.

I could see her taking his cock out from his trousers, hard as steel, and she was wanking it slowly before starting to give him a full on handjob. I had a pretty good view of them at this point and after about 5 minutes he let out a huge loud groan and 3 to 4 large spurts of cum shot from his cock onto the grass. I saw L wipe her hand on the grass and then kiss him on the cheek before quickly leaving him in the garden.

Needless to say when we got back to our hotel she was sopping wet and we fucked like bunnies for the next couple of hours. We have only spoken about that night once since it happened but needless to say I would love to see her go all the way next time.