20 Oct 2015

I had started a new job in the stockroom of a big store. My dept head was a lady, about 15 years older than me . She never wore make-up, dressed like someone even older. At first she was always very formal with me, not unfriendly but keeping me at arms length. Over the weeks she warmed up, and then . whenever we were alone, even started to ask personal questions like was I married, did I have a girlfriend. These questions got more daring, she even asked me how often I had sex with my girlfriend. I answered " whenever I can " , and asked her how often she did it. She said " not often enough " .

My male hormones were sensing that an opportunity might be about to arise.

I asked her what were her sexual fantasies, she said she liked spontaneous sex in daring situations.

So, I said " like if I were to close the door and have you up against the wall , right now ? "

She replied " exactly like that " .

So I did. I was surprised at how wet her pussy was , and how easily she guided my erection in her. Standing up sex is not very comfortable , but she was clearly enjoying it. Every thrust made her groan. I had only pulled her panties aside, and they were getting in the way. She had an orgasm, not bothering about being heard. I held still for a while, then pulled out. I turned her around and leant her forward over the desk. I pulled her panties down, and made her step out of them. I made her open her legs a bit, then slid my cock back into her sopping vagina. Now I could really bang her hard. From the sounds she was making she was enjoying herself. As she had her second, louder, orgasm, I emptied my balls into her.

As soon as I had pulled out, she picked up her panties and went off to the loo. I put myself away, and carried on working like nothing had happened.

Since then I have had her at least once a day, sometimes more. She never says no . During her period she gives me blow-jobs . Yesterday she handed me a tube of lubricant, and I had her arse for the first time.

I am trying to arrange an opportunity to get her in a bed, get her naked, and take my time instead of rushing. I know I will enjoy her.