Written by Danny

15 Jan 2010

As an occasional visitor to the nudist beach at Studland Bay, usually with my wife, I enjoy watching other couples on the rare occasions that I see any "hanky panky" going on. All too rare I'm afraid!

On a (rare) very hot day last summer, my work took me to the area, so I allowed my self to drive down to Studland and park near the bus stop. 15 minutes later I was in the area of the dunes. I took off my shorts and top and wandered round the for half an hour totally naked. It's a lovely feeling if you've never tried it. There wasn't much action going on at all. A few husband/wife couples laying down sunbathing but no one looking like they were going to get involved in anything "horny".

After a while I crossed over into the area usually frequented my men only. I was feeling horny myself and had decided some time previously that I would enjoy a wank before leaving the area. I couldn't resisit wandering round the area first but, despite several groups of men in groups of 2,3 or 4, there was apparently no gay action going on either. I found myself a secluded cubby hole, laid back and started to wank in the hot afternoon sunshine. After about 10 minutes I noticed a weazle-looking man walk past watching me playing with my prick. He appeared to walk past but returned a moment later and sit opposite me in "my" cubby hole. As I was wearing sun shades I was able to avoid eye contact with him but when he started to wank a few feet in front of me, I got the feeling that he wanted to make a duet of it. I had resigned myself to us wanking together in harmony but was further surprised when he made a move to come over to where I was sitting. OK, I thought, he's going to give me a "tug", I can cope with that, after all a friend has done the same to me on several occasions. What really shocked me though was when he thrust his head down on my prick and started to give me a BJ. I had been wanking a bit too long and was already at the point of no return by the time his mouth was clasped around my prick. I pulled away, we hadn't even spoken, and shot my load into a tissue I had (thoughtfully) brought with me. I apollogised for the "timing" of his arrival. This was an excuse as I really didn't want to come in HIS mouth. I returned to my clothes, got dressed and returned to the car.

On my way back accross the ferry, it occured to me that, in the same circumstances THIS year, if it all happened again, and the guy didn't look like a weazle, I might actually go through with it. WOW...that surprised me.

Roll on summer!!