Written by Demi

26 Jul 2008

Hi, its only me again, Demi. This sort of follows on from my first letter here (my first group) and happened about 8-9 months after I was screwed by 3 guys in a tyre shop.

I was having dinner out with my husband and his boss and wife at a posh hotel near where we lived, the dinner was quite important as it could mean a promotion for my husband and a big rise in salary! Anyway, i gressed nice but not OTT, a black velvet cocktail dress that finished just above the knee, ant had a spaghetti string top that covered my boobs while still showing a bit of clevage, under it I wore a pair of sheer fully fashoined black hold up stockings with fancy lace tops, a slack silk thong, because of the design of the top, no bra, and shiney, patent high heels.

The dinner was going well and we all seemed to be getting on ok, Malcom, my hubbies boss, asked about family and we told him that we had been waitinf for the right moment but were already trying for a baby now. It was the truth as well, I had been a good girl and even when I hadn\'t, I made sure that I was protected. I had limited most of my raunchier modelling to 2 girl stuff or was ultra careful when I worked with male models.

Anyway I was feeling light headed due to the amount of wine we had drunk, so I excused myself from the table and wanderd off to get some air and a glass of water.

I wandered into the public bar area of the hotel and was standing at the bar waiting to be served when there was a loud, painful smack. Somebody had smaked my ass so hard it made me jump and cry out, I turned around to have a go at whoever had done this to me, my ass still stinging and tears in my eyes, only to be confronted by Ken, one of the guys who had sex with me at the garage, he had a leering smirk across his face as he said hello to me. He was dressed better than at the garage but he was still over twice my age and I couldn\'t forget how his oversize penis had stretched and hurt me last time we met, (I was able to insert my entire hand with ease into my pussy after).

His manner hadn\'t changed abit though \"hello you dirty slut\" he said and i felt my face colour up at hearing somebody address me like that in public, \"you here trying to earn your keep in bed then?\" I said no I was here with my husband and he told me he kenew as he\'d already seen me in the restaurant and asked who was with us, I said it was my husbands boss. \"Does he know what a dirty slag he has with him?\" I said that of course he didn\'t then he said \"I wonder what he\'d do if I showed him some of the pics that Dubs took while you were being fucked legless by the 3 of us then\" I went bright red, i\'d forgotten about the photos, \"you know the ones where you were sucking cock and taking it up your ass and cunt, and the ones where you were lying there with your legs apart and cum running out of you like a river\" I asked him to stop it and he said he would... so long as I was willing to go outside with him for a fuck as he\'d enjoyed how tight my cunt felt and wanted to hear my crying out again.

I said I couldn\'t and he said ok, he\'d take the pics in and put them on the table for my husbands boss and wife to see. I begged him not to and he said I could stop him easy enough, so I agreed and staggered off after him as he took my hand and dragged me out of the hotel bar into the grounds. He led me to the back of the building, where they took deliveries. There were empty barrels and crates by the wall and some thick coconut mats he said they used when delivering beer.

He pushed me up against the wall and began kissing me, his breath tasted of stale beer and cigarettes, then I felt his hands pull the straps of my top down my arms and the front of my dress down, exposing my boobs, the night air was cool and made my nipples harden but Ken was saying what a whore i was and how my nipples showed that i was up for a good fucking again, I could feel the roughnes of the stone wall on my back as he held me there and pulled my thong down, he told me to kick it off and I did as his thick, coarse fingers, started to probe my pussy. He was so rough I couldn\'t help myself but moan as his thumb flicked my clitoris, the he said\"I told you she was a real dirty cunt didn\'t I?\"I looked up to see a man about the same age as Ken but, shorter and fat was stood watching us, i went to say something but Ken forced his tongue into my mouth again and lifted me off my feet, his hand between my legs.

He lowered me and I felt the skirt of my dress raised until it was bunched around my waist, \"look at the slag he said, fucking high heels stockings and a bald cunt all wet and ready for cock\" then he pushed me down so that I was on my back on one of the mats that covered a barrel, he told his mate to come over and taste my cunt, he came over straight away and was soon lapping up my juices, he wasn\'t the best but he was good enough to get me moaning \"listen to the dirty cunt shes like a bitch in heat, then I came, forcing my own hand into my mouth to stifle my cries.

Ken told the guy to get up and watch as he forced my legs brutally apart, he had his massive penis in his hand and was telling his mate that there werent many whores who could take his 11\"all the way inside like I could, and then he began pulling my pussy lips apart and rubbing the head of his willy along my slit. I began to back abit because I was still sensitive after my climax, he took this as a sign of willingnes and began pushing its bloated head into my tight opening, then I remembered that I had stopped taking the pill to try and get pregnant and asked him to put on a rubber or at least pull out before he came, he said \"fuck off you cunt, you know you really want your hole filled with my cum so stop pretending, if you are lucky you might just have my kid\"and started laughing, as he pushed even more of his cock into me ( although it was 11\"the real problem was its thickness which he told me afterwards was about 71/2- 8\" around) I could feel myself tense and thought he would split me open, so I tried to relax and he started slowly fucking me, feeding a bit more inside me with each thrust, the coconut matting felt rough on my back as my body rocked with each push, and he was mauling my boobs remorselessly.

After awhile he had managed to get about 3/4s of his oversize willy up inside me, taking my hips he began to scew me harder, grunting as he forced even more in, my clit was being rolled inside out and over the veins of his penis so I was starting to moan again, \"you fucking slapper, youre enjoying this aint you? I bet you missed the feeling of my cock in you after that time\" he pulled out of me and i wonderd if he had changed his mind and was about to come but shouldve known better, he rolled me over so I was bent over the barrel,and quickly pushed his willy back in me., as he screwed me my boobs began to rub on the coarse matting and I started moaning as my mind was suffering sensation overload, he told his mate to come over and\"shove your cock in the whores mouth to keep the noise down\"and the next I knew i had a smelly cock pushed between my lips and in as far as it would go, this obviously inspired Ken as he grabbed my waist and holding me still began to force himself deeper into me, I had stretched enough that it wasn\'t as painful for me now but it still hurt!

Ken was swearing and calling me names as he pushed harder and harder until he was satisfied he was right in and then he began to screw me in long hard strokes, explaining in great detail how my \'Dirty cunt was feeling\" his mate held my head and was ramming himself in my mouth amazingly fast and before long I felt him start to shoot his load down my throat, there was so much of it I thought I would drown.

Ken told him to keep his cock in there unti he\'d finished and speeded up too, soon I felt my pussy become more stuffed as his penis swelled up before exploding inside my poor unprtected pussy, when he\'d done he pulled out and said \'thanks cunt we\'ll take more time next time\"and calling his mate after him walked off leaving me there over the barrel with his cum running out of my stretched pussy.

I found my thong and put it back on, using a sanitary towel to stem the flow a little and rushed back hoping I hadn\'t been missing for too long. When I got back to the table Malcom asked what was wrong and when i asked what he meant, he said that I had been gone a long time and that I was looking a bit dishevelled, my husband whispered that mt chest was bright red and my hair messed up, I told them I had been feeling a little unwell and had gone for a stroll and fallen over into a hedge and apologised for any worries.

The seemed to accept my story and Malcom said he hope I was feeling better, we finished our coffees and parted.

When we got into the taxi, my husband said I must\'ve fallen over a few times as apart from the rash on my boobs, there was one on my back too, and all white dust over the back of my dress and my stockings were badly laddered.

I told him what had happened and he asked if i was ok, I said yes and not to worry about it, everything would be fine. It was too, he got the promotion and rise, I took the morning after pill, ( I didn\'t mention to him that Ken had unprotected sex with me) and, after awhile, my pussy went back to its normal tightness.

But this wasn\'t an end to things.