Written by Michellecd_1

5 Jun 2012

Yesterday morning I was feeling very horny and girly so I slipped on some lacy knickers and a nice top and went up to Staple Hill near Taunton hoping to meet. I had a nice little wander in the woods but nobody was around. I was just feeling disappointed and having to return home when a car pulled into the far side of the car park. For a while I watched and wasn’t sure if the man driving was alone but I could just make out a shadow bending over him. I flashed my indicators a couple of times and the mini drove over towards me and parked. They were an attractive middle-aged couple and although they didn’t beckon me over, I sidled over there be met with the delightful view of her hungrily sucking his hard member. Now that gets a girl like me turned on. Seeing that his hand was exploring the back of her skirt I wandered round to the other side. He kindly pulled up her skirt to give me full view of her lovely lovely shaved pussy as fondled her. By then of course I was about ready to cum and sadly as time was not on my side I had to leave. Perhaps another day, time will mine and I will be allowed to stroke that wonderful pussy or even fuck that pretty lady while she takes care of hubby. Thank you kind couple. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this!