Written by somedude_85

3 Jan 2010

Hi all, here's my last story for the moment - being my latest and most recent experience of an interesting sexual nature :)

I should probably mention that my ex, Karen, who I introduced in a previous story, may not be so much of an ex anymore. Following on from this night, we've been seeing a lot of each other and whilst we aren't /officially/ back together, it does appear to be heading that way. She doesn't know about me writing on here (if she doesn't approve, it wouldn't be a good way to start things!) but hopefully as time goes on, I'll let her know and she'll be cool with it!

So, this all started about 4 or 5 weeks ago. I'd heard that Karen had finally decided to end things with her loser boyfriend. She didn't tell me herself, but I heard it through other friends. I sent her a text telling her I'd heard and was very sorry, and hoped she was ok. I didn't hear back from her for a few days, until she text back thanking me for the message and that she was ok. After an evening of texts, we decided to meet up the next night.

I was pretty excited, knowing these nights normally turned into sex, and was not disappointed. We ended up back at my place and were very quickly naked. Karen's always been a dirty talker, and that night was no different. What WAS different was the fact that we had REAL dirty events to talk about - We'd had the night in my previous story, where we fucked with her bloke upstairs, and she knew about Ben and Susan. The latter was a particular turn on for me and I remember clearly her whispering in my ear about licking a man's cum out of her pussy...I came pretty much instantly at that!

For the next week or so, we fucked pretty much every day - her place or mine, we didn't care. The following weekend, though, her girlfriends wanted to take her out to cheer her up - she hadn't told anybody we were fucking again! SHe wasn't going to turn them down, so off she went out on the town with the girls. It being a girly night, and me not being a drinker, I stayed at home and decided to watch a movie and catch an early night.

About 1am, I was woken by my mobile ringing. I groggily answered the phone to a VERY drunk Karen. "Hey lover...You awake?" She said. "I am now!" I answered. "I've got a surprise for you!" She was giggling - clearly drunk, but I could also hear the horniness in her voice. I was definitely awake now. "I'm just up the road by the shops...Come and meet me?" She asked. Obviously I agreed, and slung some clothes on quickly to meet her.

When I got there, she gave me a deep kiss, but refused to tell me about my surprise until I got home. She'd definitely had a few, but the cold air was sobering her up a bit. I got her back to my place and she kissed me again, and lead me to the bedroom. "Close your eyes!" She said playfully, and I obliged. After a few seconds, she told me to open them again and I was greeted by her naked, legs apart, on the bed.

"Lick my pussy!" She commanded. I didn't need telling twice! She grabbed the back of head as I went in and licked for all I was worth. There was cum in her pussy, of that I had no doubt. Mingled with her pussy juice, it tasted amazing. "You like that taste?" she asked, but kept her hands on my head, denying her a reply.

When I had sucked her clean, I got up and fucked her missionary style - for about 90 seconds - before unloading in her. She'd had a couple of orgasms during her oral, so she didn't mind my speed. We fell asleep there together in a content peace.

When we awoke a couple of hours later, she told me that on the night out, she'd run into her ex. He'd given her a bit of grief (nothing major) and she said that he could fuck her one last time if he fucked off afterwards. He obviously agreed and they fucked against a wall in an alley near the club. She'd been planning on coming to fuck me anyway, and and said the thought of my licking up the cum was really erotic, which is why she let him fuck her.

Hearing her tell the story got us going again, and we fucked for longer this time, with more dirty talk. It was a great night, and we still talk about it during sex. We've not done anything like it since - she doesn't want to fuck her ex again, but is worried about letting any other guys cum inside her. Hopefully we'll figure something out soon!

That's the last of my current true stories, though I hope to have more soon. In all honesty, I'm writing this now because I'm off to Ben and Susan's tomorrow for a post new-years get together. Karen knows, and is fine, though she's dropping hints about joining me next time for some proper couples swinging. Think I'll mention it to B&S tomorrow...