Written by Ashley

25 Jan 2013

I have known Jean, my mate's mother for many years, Jean is seventy and a widow but looks younger, the other day it was snowing heavily she phoned me asking me if I would take her bread and milk as she couldn't get out of the house. After taking the goods and having coffee with her, she gave me a long lingering kiss to thank me.

A couple of days later I popped round to see if she wanted anything, while having coffee sitting together talking on the settee I put my arms round her shoulders, putting her head on my chest we cuddled, then kissed, my hand gravitated to her small surprisingly firm breasts, then through her slacks stroked her inner thigh, standing up she took my hand leading me to her bedroom where I undressed her and then myself, we lay on her bed kissing, as my fingers probed through her pubes, her legs opened wide allowing me into her moist hole, getting wetter as my fingers worked deep into her.

She grabbed my cock wanking it till we could wait no longer pushing it into her, fucking her hard, she squeeled loudly as she climaxed, as she shook I spurted my cum into her

she was without doubt the best fuck I have ever had, she told me that it was her first sex for sixteen years.

I'm hoping that this was the first of many fucks that we will have together, you can be sure that I will be offering my help in the next few days.