7 Jul 2016

I am Paul 41 and married to my Wife Zoe who is 10 years younger who is also very attractive has a great personality and matching body, she had just turned 18 when we got married , we moved into our new house on the edge of a small development to find most of the people in our road were of similar age and all very friendly. I had my own business only a few miles down the road and was kept very busy working long hours and 7 days a week not a good start to a marriage really , but Zoe soon made some friends amongst the other girls , wives an couples in the road.

Zoe knew my work was keeping me busy and one night when I came home , she told me she had made friends with a girl Sue just up the road from our house and it was no surprise when I came home over the next few days and weeks to see Sue at ours or to find Zoe at Sue's . We had a BBQ one weekend and I met Sue's husband Andy as we chatted on various topics we mentioned work and he told me he worked as a IT Engineer for a local company and he asked me my line of work and he told me his Company was looking for someone to manufacture some parts for them which just happened to be the sort of items my Company produced .

He gave me the name of his MD and I soon ended up making items for the Company, we had a few more BBQ,s and drinks over the next few weeks with us all getting to know each other better, I noticed that Zoe's eyes always seem to sparkle at the thought of seeing Sue and Andy . I often had to work later on these occasions and it wasn't unusual for me to arrive a bit later after the 3 of them and perhaps some other New Friends from nearby from the surrounding houses in my or Sue and Andy's back garden , drinking, chatting and laughing.

I would go for a quick shower and join them after, a couple of times I had noticed Andy with his hand resting on Zoe's bum or holding her hand and whispering in her ear , which soon stopped when I joined them , it didn't really bother me as I used to greet Sue with a kiss when I saw her now and she never seemed bothered to see Andy with Zoe. We often had a chat over a drink or 3 after everyone had left or when we were tired in our lounge or at theirs , as always the subject of sex cropped up and we soon had some good laughs and I found out Sue had a bit of a dirty mind and would often let things slip of what she and Andy got up to and a few confidence's passed back and forward between us.

As we parted at the end of these nights we kissed each others partners more passionately than normal , I often ended up with a erection after feeling Sue's lovely body rubbing against me and Andy seemed to leave in the same state, I noticed Zoe was always keen to get to bed for a good fucking after they left , I realised she also liked Andy who she admitted was only average looking and I wondered if he had other attributes I didn't know about.

I began to return home to find Zoe dressed up in her lingerie or a new outfit , eg:- a French maid, schoolgirl or similar and she had wanted to try some new things out in the bedroom ( positions, techniques , etc ), I was always happy to go along with these and assumed she had been chatting with Sue and some of the other girls/women she met at various parties ,meets they all had during the days, evenings when I was not around.

I got home one night to find Zoe a bit drunk in just a short robe and feeling very horny, after I had a shower and wearing just a robe and having eaten I settled down to chat over a drink with Zoe , she suddenly said have you had anyone slide a durex over your cock before using just their mouth ,I said no ! . As she suddenly knelt between my legs, pulled my robe apart to lick and suck my cock to a healthy erection , then she gave me a durex packet to open ,taking it from my fingers she put it in her mouth and as I watched closely as she expertly rolled the durex down over my cock and looked up to smile at me .

I asked where had she learned that from, she blushed saying Sue had showed her , where she went quiet and promptly hopped up to kneel either side of my legs to slide her wet pussy down over my cock where we proceeded to have a nice long fuck session , I was keen to hear more of this new trick Zoe had learned. I noticed Zoe was a bit reluctant to tell but she said she was given a durex and a banana to practice on that day by Sue when she had gone round for a chat, I said well you were very good almost professional where Zoe then blushed ,kissed me and said good night ,turning the light off.

I knew from her response she had been up to something and from her technique earlier with that durex on my cock she had definitely not learned that in just one afternoon and realised that it had been well practiced and guessed that it had not all been on just a banana . I fell asleep to wake up that morning with a very hard erection, finding my mind working overtime thinking of Zoe practising that move on Andy's cock and with the thought that it didn't stop at that , knowing Zoe would have been feeling very horny and gone on to feel Andy's cock inside her.

I never said anything to Zoe after that but noticed little changes in her when I got home over the next few days/ weeks , she still came home learning new tricks from Sue she said, I began to notice things like she had always showered or had a clean g string on . I walked in one night to find Zoe had not long got in herself she was in the kitchen dressed in just a bra , stockings and suspenders and a pair of 4" heels, her face in panic as she looked at me .

I went over to her to say well that's a nice sight to come home too and as I kissed her I thought she didn't want to kiss me, as I persisted putting my tongue in her mouth, also sliding my fingers down to slip 2 fingers into her already wet pussy and she then kissed me back, my taste buds and nose caught that aroma of another Man's cum, as Zoe pushed me away saying she had to use the toilet as she dashed upstairs. I bought my fingers up to my nose to again smell that mixture of Zoe's juice's and another Man's cum.

Zoe came back down after a shower and had composed herself as she made me a drink , as I asked her if she had had a good day , Zoe told me yes she had been out shopping with Sue and had not long come back from having a meal with Sue and Andy, I knew then that obviously Andy's sausage was on that menu and that Sue was happy to go along with it, as Sue said to me you came home a bit earlier tonight ,I said yes was feeling tired and had done enough ,I suppose I should have rung you first and added I will do that next time .

A few more days went by and one Saturday night I was home at a reasonable hour we had a evening meal and Zoe took my hand kissed me telling me to shower and go lay on our bed , so I did assuming Zoe was feeling horny , she came up said pull that sheet off and blindfolded me as she began to rub her naked body over mine , I was told I could not touch . I then felt a sticky substance being poured over my now erect cock and balls, as Zoe asked do you know what that is I said no !

She said oh you will find out soon , as I felt her tongue and lips begin to work their way over my balls and cock, I thought what ever it was took some work for Zoe to clean me up , then she kissed me and I felt a sweet taste on my lips, then I felt Zoe kneel over me lowering her pussy on to my cock to ride me for a minute or two before moving up to sit on my face and I recognised the taste of honey on her pussy as my tongue licked and probed till she shivered and added her cream to the taste on my mouth and tongue.

Then Zoe slid back down my body to ride my ready to burst cock as we both soon came together , we lay holding each other as she asked if I enjoyed that I said it was wonderful, I looked at her and said who ? one of Sue's trick's was it , Zoe said yes ! I thought you might like it , as Andy loves it , quickly adding when Sue does it for him ! We decided we would be doing that more often after that night as we both enjoyed.

A few more days went by and I decided I would try to catch Zoe out one evening, coming home early and leaving my car parked down a near by road I walked up to see the lights on in Sue and Andy's house and tucked myself out the way in a small block of garages about 75 yards away, as I stood peering over a small bush to see their front door open after a good 45minute wait , Zoe appeared in the door way and back lit by the hall light I could see Andy and Sue both stood naked there chatting to Zoe before they both held her and kissed Zoe on the lips not just the on the cheek as she turned and walked back the 200 yards or so to our door.

I followed a few minutes later and quietly opened the door walking into our lounge to find Zoe again dressed in suspenders and stockings (but now minus her bra) and some new 5" heels as she was sat back on our sofa her eyes closed , as I stood looking at her I noticed what looked liked 2 bite marks on her boobs, she suddenly opened her eyes saw me her face in complete shock . Zoe said Oh hi , before dashing past me to go upstairs in to our bedroom, I followed as I looked in Zoe was trying to cover the bite marks with some make up , I smiled to myself and just said I like coming home finding you dressed like that you don't have to look so worried ,you can dress like that for me anytime.

I went over to her kissed her neck noticing a new smell of perfume in her hair then wrapping my arms around her ,I said I Love You ! looking at her face in the mirror she looked guilty but I stood her up to kiss her on the lips again a reluctant kiss back and again I thought I could smell Andy's cum on her and also a slightly different smell which I guessed was Sue's juice's as well as a sweet smell. I held Zoe pushing her onto her back on our bed as she made a move to get away I held her with one hand as I undid my trousers and pulled out my semi hard cock , she then relaxed as I undressed and I told her to move up the bed as she did , I think she thought I was about to just fuck her with my cock as I held her legs apart.

I had other intentions and pressed my head down between her legs moving my hands up to hold her down by her shoulders as I thought she might try to pull me up her body, she said no just Fuck me Paul !, Fuck me please! , my nose and tongue worked overtime finding what those tastes and aromas were on my Wife's body , they suddenly began to give me answers as my tongue licked and probed Zoe's pussy. I recognised the sweet taste of honey , the taste of Andy's cum and the mix of Sue and Zoe's pussy juices as I guessed Andy had been fucking both of them that evening, I looked up at Zoe's face to see some tears roll down her face , as I said god I love your pussy and its juices and moved up driving my hard cock in to her wet pussy.

I kissed Zoe's face all over telling her I loved her as I fucked her hard and soon added my cum to the mix inside her as she had also cum under me , we lay there cuddling as I told her how much I loved her and her body and how much she turned me on . Zoe told me she loved me very much as well and we fell asleep in each others arms. A few months went by when one night Zoe told me that Sue and Andy were moving with his job soon to America as they had relations over there and Sue wanted to start a family as they were fed up with the way of life in the UK.

I said well you cant blame them for that, I could see Zoe was a bit upset about it and about 3 months later after we had had a few party nights together to enjoy their company while we could and make the most of it , I did see Andy a few times kissing Zoe very deeply and his hands wandering up her skirts at the different parties when they thought I was not around and I did manage to have some kissing sessions with Sue and managed to get my fingers in her warm juicy pussy before they left , though she would not let me lick or fuck her even though we had a couple of chances of doing so .

They left us a bit deflated but promised to stay in touch and said they hoped to get back over to see us and we were welcome to come to visit them, we did receive a Xmas card but later the following year we heard they had a baby but soon separated after Sue met another guy out there , though we always had Xmas cards from Andy and invites over and about 4 years after they left , Andy had to come back over to work on a project and asked if he could stay with us for a couple of weeks .

So Andy stayed with us for a couple of weeks and I did my best to make myself scarce at times so they could re-live those past times and it certainly bought back the sparkle to Zoe's eyes , before Andy had to say his good bye's once again and return to the States. We still stay in touch with Andy when on day I was sat in my office at work a couple of weeks after our 10th Wedding Anniversary when a friend who lives a few doors away from us Robert walked in and handed me a brown package, he said I hope you don't mind but I opened it and re-sealed it as Sue sent this over to me to give to you as present for your Anniversary,

Sue told me that it was meant for your eyes only and I was not to give it to you when Zoe was around so this is the first chance I have had to see you , Zoe sends her regards and hopes you enjoy seeing and reading about the times Zoe had with Sue and Andy and others as Sue found these when she went to move and thought you would like to see them rather than her just throw them out, as Rob left it with me he said you have a HOT Wife there Paul , TBC

If you would like to hear the rest of this story ,let me know and I will type up the contents of the envelope as I recently came across it when looking for something else as have had to hide it away from Zoe's eyes, would like to hear if you enjoyed this story or not as if not will not follow up with this story, would appreciate your honesty as its my first story on here, Paul