11 Jul 2016

This is the follow story on from 7/7/2016, I had just been given a package by a friend of mine Rob who lives just down the road from me , he told me he had received it in the post from Sue and he had also taken a look at the contents, as Sue had come across it a little while ago and when clearing out some things . I opened the package to reveal quite a number of discs as well as some pages ripped from Sue's diary and on top was a envelope from Sue telling me that upon finding the original tapes her Hubs had spent some time copying on to discs as well as enclosing some pages from her diary covering some of the time when Zoe came to them ( Sue & Andy ) where they all had some fun while most of the time I was busy at work.

I thanked Rob for bringing them to me and that night went home found my portable DVD player to take in to work the next day ,so at the end of the day I sat in my office reading the first few days of Sue's diary telling me that Sue really liked Zoe as she was a very genuine , funny person , also very attractive and that all the guys in the roads we both lived in fancied the pants off her. As Sue went on to say how Zoe fancied our neighbour Dan who was a hunk of a guy and teased him when ever she could as Sue said she too fancied Dan, an they had both had decided they would love a 3sum with him, when Sue said Zoe was at hers one afternoon and they had both had a couple of drinks and been chatting about each others hubs and sex and Sue had shown Zoe some photos of Andy naked.

Sue said Zoe was impressed by his cock and asked Sue how big it was and was he a good lover, Sue confirmed Andy was good in bed and knew how to use his cock, after that day Sue said she had decided to set up a camcorder they had which had a remote control ,having had a word with Andy about using it and Sue had invited Zoe round the next day as Sue put a note see Disc 1. I put the disc in as I sat back in my office having locked the doors to see what was on the disc it started with Zoe walking in to Sue's lounge dressed in just a pair of short shorts showing her fab legs off and a tight top which hugged her boobs her nipples already erect.

They chatted over a glass of wine as Sue came to sit by Zoe , I stared at the small screen to see Sue begin to touch Zoe's hands and arms, before suddenly kissing Zoe who began to respond as her hands felt Sue's body, I knew from previous chats with Zoe, that she had a girl friend Katy when younger who she would sometimes stay at her house and they had to share a double bed and had often played with each others bodies and kissed . Also that Katy had borrowed her older sisters vibrator without her knowing of course and they had used it on each other, but back to the film I saw Sue taking Zoe's top off to really go to town on Zoe's firm round 34E boobs with her lips an teeth.

They were soon both naked and I found myself staring at Sue's bum as she had her fingers an tongue licking an probing at Zoe's shaven pussy and making her cum , before Zoe returned the favour as Sue lay back holding Zoe's face tight to her pussy and winking at the camera. The film went off shortly after they had both cum again in a 69 position in the middle of Sue's lounge, it came back on to show them together in Sue's bedroom enjoying each others bodies and it repeated for the rest of the disc obviously them having fun on several days after that first time.

I put the 2nd disc in the player and Sue was filming Andy as he lay back on that sofa naked and stroking his cock obviously watching the film I had just seen ,I could hear Andy telling Sue how Zoe had a great body and that both of them together naked was really horny. As Sue replied saying she has a lovely smooth pussy and tastes so good as she went on to say I will call you tomorrow and you can come home from work and creep in to catch us playing on our bed ,I will make sure Zoe's bum is towards the door and that she is really turned on , so you can slide your cock inside her as she licks me out.

Andy's face lit up saying he would love to feel his cock inside Zoe , as Sue said well Zoe said to her that she would love to try Andy's cock for size as Paul has been working all hours and is asleep before she get him to fuck her, Andy told Sue I couldn't imagine coming home to Zoe and not wanting to fuck her each time , like I do with you Sue! .

I watched as Sue gave the camera to Andy as he filmed Sue sucking his cock till her mouth was overflowing with his cum ,as the screen went blank and then showed Sue leading Zoe into her bedroom both naked as Sue produced a double headed dildo to lay on the bed as Sue and Zoe kissed ,licked each others bodies. After several minutes of this had passed and them both using that double headed dido to cum together , Sue told Zoe to go down the bed and lick her pussy out when Andy appeared on camera naked his cock very erect and looked to be dripping with pre cum .

I saw Andy wave at Sue and give the thumbs up as he just stared at the sight of Zoe's bum in the air as her face was buried in Sue's pussy, Andy wet the head of his cock and as he knelt up on the bed gripping Zoe's waist ,I could see his cock jerk upwards as he held it to rub up and down between Zoe's pussy , she lifted her head from Sue's pussy , to groan an say Oh yes Please !! put it in me , then as a after thought it is Andy isn't it Sue ?? .

Sue told Zoe yes Andy fancies you and wants to fuck you with his big cock bare back ,an fill you up with his cum, Zoe said yes Do it , Andy ! Fuck me please !, I sat back to watch my wife Zoe with her head between Sue's spread thighs as Andy was holding Zoe's body in his fingers as he drove his cock in and out of Zoe's pussy. The girls mouths let gasps and groans escape as they had cum after cum as Andy's hands roamed over Zoe's body taking in each inch till he was ready to unleash his tadpoles up in to Zoe's wet pussy as both he and Zoe groaned as they came together.

The 3 of them lay on the bed chatting as they came down off their high, Zoe thanked Sue for letting Andy fuck her , as Sue said well it gives me a rest and laughed ! Zoe added well he can fuck me any time after that Sue if you want a rest , Sue smiled at Andy saying I am sure he would love too, he would love to fuck us both and he can still manage to get it up again , That's right Andy isn't it , as he said yes I want you both especially after the little performance you have put on earlier , Zoe said you have been watching us earlier , Andy said well when Sue told me what you both got up too I couldn't miss that could I .

I watched as Zoe and Sue knelt up either side of Andy as he lay on his back and they both began to lick and suck on his cock and balls , Andy was grinning as he watched their mouths working on his cock, I soon saw what Sue meant as he was soon erect again. I then watched as the girls took turns sitting on his cock to ride him and then sit on his face as he greedily ate their pussies. This time though it was Andy who told the girls he was about to cum and I watched to see Sue and Zoe taking turns with small sucks to the head of his cock , till his cock erupted shooting its cream over Zoe's and Sue's face's and tongues and into their open mouths.

The girls cleaned up each others face with licks of their tongues, before the camera shut down again. When the picture came back on the screen it looked to be at one of the other neighbours house's as I did not recognise the d├ęcor of the room . I could hear Sue's voice as she filmed saying I thought I would find you both in here as Zoe was knelt up on the bed licking and sucking on Andy's cock as he propped himself up on his elbows , , when I noticed something in the reflection of a mirror on the wall as the face of a guy Alan who lived a couple of doors away from Sue and Andy's house watching in the doorway TBC.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to the contents of the package given to me, I would still be interested to hear your comments if you want to hear more or not, Thanks again , Payul