22 Aug 2016

This follows on from Part 3 (18/07/16) I was sat in my office at work after telling my Wife Zoe I had some unexpected work to get finished to cover my later return home in the evenings, where I was actually finding out about Zoe's fun and games with our good friends Sue & Andy and lately their neighbour Alan . This all happened a little while ago and as Sue & Andy had moved to the USA and had since split up I had received a package from Sue with some Diary pages and the DVD collection enclosed which she had obviously decided I should now see.

I was still not sure of her reason of sending them to me as it was obviously a well guarded secret before , as I knew nothing of Zoe's going on's with them, but after starting to read some pages of Sue's diary and watch the DVD's I was now keen to see and read more . As I sat back reading a diary page and being told to watch the next DVD in the collection, I saw it showed Sue & Zoe up in Sue's bedroom drying themselves as they both had wet hair with the sound of Andy's voice telling us that he had just come in to find the two of them in the shower, feeling & kissing each other.

He went on to say he had grabbed the camera to film them in the bedroom getting ready for the party that evening , as he filmed the girls turned to call him a pervert as he watched , then I saw Zoe come over to him take the camera from him to see Andy stood there in just a t-shirt his cock stood up erect in front of him . Then Zoe 's voice could be heard saying my hub's has decided to work away doing some installation work , so I am going to have some fun with our friends Andy & Sue and hopefully some of our other friends & neighbours this weekend , as the screen shook as Zoe handed the camera back to Andy as he quickly pointed it down as Zoe knelt down in front of him.

I saw Zoe turn her head towards Sue to ask if it was ok to suck Andy's erection, Sue just said go ahead I can do that anytime , Zoe's hands ran up Andy's thighs as her tongue licked his cock all over , she stopped to look at the camera to tell them he was leaking pre cum from the bloated head of his cock as Zoe placed her tongue at the tip to lick it all up before sliding her lips down the length of his cock as she held it , I heard a slight gag and as Andy held the camera I could see Zoe had taken all of Andy's length into her mouth and throat.

My own cock gave a stir at this sight, as Zoe's head moved back and forwards as Andy groaned moving the camera down level with Zoe's mouth to show her cheeks sucked in and strings of dribble hanging from her mouth and Andy's cock, then I heard Sue say to Andy , Fuck Zoe's horny tonight she sounds like a hoover sucking your cock Andy !!

Andy groaned shortly before telling Zoe he was going to cum very soon if she didn't stop , Zoe made a hmmm sound as she sucked harder as Andy asked again did he not want him to fuck her , Zoe made a uh huh sound as she grabbed his bum digging her nails into his arse cheeks pulling him tight to her as Andy then groaned as the camera shook in his hand as he was now cumming down Zoe's throat .

I watched as Zoe's throat swallowed his creamy cum down in to her belly something she had done for me many a time, , she pulled her head back to show Andy's cock wet with saliva and a 1" long string of his cum hanging from the tip which Zoe lapped up with her tongue . Then Zoe stood up kissed Andy telling him that was just for starters as she went off to dampen down her hair which was now everywhere , so she could dry it properly, I could hear Sue ask Andy did he enjoy that as Zoe had left the room , he said Fuck, Yes ! , as Sue said I think Zoe is up for it tonight as she was horny in the shower she kept sucking my boobs and rubbing my pussy , as Zoe could be heard shouting back I can still hear yo and laughing.

The camera was put down on the bed as the 3 of them got ready and I got glimpses as they all moved around , then it was picked up again by Andy , to be pointed at Sue stood there in a top and knee length pencil skirt which she pulled up to show off the stockings she was wearing with her high heels , as it moved over to Zoe who had a see thru top , no bra a shiny mini skirt which was so short it was almost a belt as it only covered the tops of her stockings as she stood straight , she lifted a foot up on to the bed to show her 5" + heels off which in turn showed she had not bothered to wear a g string as I could see her shaven pussy.

Then Andy went down to the bottom of the stairs to film both Sue & Zoe as they came down both looking very sexy and attractive , as I noticed Sue was not wearing a bra either as her nipples poked at her top, they walked into the kitchen to see the food all laid out with just the cling film to remove , Then the door bell rang and when Andy came back he had Alan with him his next door neighbour as Sue asked him if he wanted a drink , Alan told them his Wife Diane was not coming along as she wasn't feeling too well , so he added he hoped he would have a good night tonight , as he headed straight for Zoe clutching his drink , to chat with her, as the door bell rang a few more times and the room began to fill up with some of the couples from our road , the Women all dressed up and it looked to me as if they all knew how the night would go, the Men all groomed and dressed casually gradually leaving their Wives to chat with the other Couples and Wives there.

Some of the guests spilled out on to the patio as the camera had been put up high looking across the room as some music played as others chatted , I saw Zoe & Sue dance together as Andy was sat down with Rob's wife Tina who was tall , dark haired with long legs which Andy was trying to put his hand between , but she was telling him no ! I then heard someone say look at these 2 lesbians as Sue & Zoe began kissing & feeling each other, Sue turned round to tell the Men there well if you don't want to dance with us we will make our own entertainment.

This sent a message as Zoe and Sue now had 4 Men come up to dance with them, one was Alan who again made a bee line to Zoe along with Rob as another Bernie headed to Sue to dance with her his hands like magnets attracted to her boobs while a New neighbour Tomasz moved behind Sue his groin grinding against Sue's bum. I watched as Alan pulled Zoe to him as his hand moved down between their bodies his hand just visible as it found its way up her very short skirt , while Rob had his hands undoing Zoe's top to get at her boobs.

As Zoe moved to face the camera I could see her close her eyes and whisper something to Alan as I guessed he had just found Zoe's wet pussy with his fingers, then she turned her head around over her shoulder to kiss Rob , nearly all the eyes in the room were on the 6 of them shuffling around , a couple of the Women seemed more interested in the food and chatting. I could just make out Andy still sat with Tina but this time they were kissing as his hands were all over her boobs her blouse open for all to see , I guessed she relented after seeing Rob get up with Zoe & Alan.

I could just see out thru the open patio doors to see a guy Sy who only lived about 3 doors down from us get out of a clinch with Tomasz's girlfriend Sharna and I could see her bend forwards grabbing the low wall in the garden as Sy just flicked her skirt up over her back pull her nix down as she lifted one foot out of them as he stepped up behind her undid his trousers pulled his cock free and shuffled forward to slide his hard cock inside Sharna. I noticed 2 guys Phil and Lee go outside to watch as Sy hammered at Sharna's pussy it was just pure animal fucking , Lee was not to be left out and moved under Sharna's outstretched arms undid his jeans and gave her his cock to suck as she was forcibly rocked back and forwards.

I was busy watching Sy fuck Sharna and saw him pull back sending spurts of his cum over her bare arse , letting Phil in to take his place , he must have been excited as he didn't last long before cumming over her bare arse once more, I looked to see Lee holding Sharna's head as he gave a couple of thrusts filling Sharna's mouth with his seed, I watched the screen to suddenly realise I had missed what Zoe & Sue had been up to , I re-wound the disc to see what I had missed and both girls had the same idea Zoe had dropped to her knees to lick a& suck on Alan's length as Rob was rolling up her skirt to just a belt around her waist to reveal her stockings and suspenders and that her pussy was not hindered by a pair of nix or a G-string an was very wet & smooth from it being newly shaven.

I looked to see Sue was on her knees sucking Tomasz's curved cock as Bernie had actually got Sue's skirt off her legs as I watched him put his thumbs inside her nix to pull them down and off her feet, he was straight in there with his nose an tongue licking an smelling the sweet aroma of Sue's wet pussy. While meanwhile Rob was now just in a t-shirt fingering Zoe's wet pussy wiping her juices over his cock , stopping to lick his fingers before holding her arse cheeks apart to slide his cock inside my Wife's wet pussy.

I noticed both Sue and Tina ( Rob's wife ) watch as Rob began to fuck Zoe , Sue turned to Bernie telling him to fuck her as Tina laid back on Sue & Andy's sofa pulling Andy between her now spread legs, I saw Tina mouth a Yesssss! as Andy's big cock filled her pussy & he glanced across to look at the camera smiling to himself. I thought to myself I would be smiling to if I had a cock like Andy's an I was fucking my friends wives as I knew from what I had seen Zoe was obviously in love with his cock.

I was just wishing I had smell a vision as the place must have smelt of sex as I watched, Andy was making Tina bounce up and down on their sofa as he fucked her her arms around his neck as his arse pumped up and down,. I looked around the room to see licking, sucking and fucking going on, as on the patio Sy had 2 girls heads licking at his also impressive cock, while Sharna was busy taking turns sucking on both Lee & Phil's cocks., TBC.

I will stop here as it will seem like war and peace to read but will follow up with the rest of this story of Zoe's adventures if you want me to continue, I am pleased you have enjoyed everything I have typed up so far, I am also grateful to hear your comments as that gives me the encouragement to keep typing as I am not the quickest on a pc, Thanks again, Paul