Written by Jrnffc

26 Nov 2014

hi,this is a bit long but absolutely 100% true, this is the first time posting so please " bare with me"

I'm a 46 year old single man, have been told I'm not bad looking, 6'4" but slighty overweight after letting myself go after getting divorced 8 years ago, I've had a few 'girlfriends' in the past but nothing serious. I run my own business as a chauffeur, mainly driving clients to and from airports, hotels and meetings. Over the years I've built up a nice little regular clientele ranging from big international companies to small local businesses, which keeps me quite busy. One of my regular travellers is a lady called Sarah who runs a dept at the local Uni, her job takes her abroad almost every other week so over the past few years we have got to know each other quite well and the atmosphere while travelling is always relaxed with us both chatting away, making the journeys very enjoyable. Sarah is a very elegant and attractive lady in her early sixties, she is always immaculately dressed in some sort business type attire even when travelling, very professional. A few months ago Sarah s abruptly stopped travelling, her PA cancelled all the bookings I had for her and said she would be 'in touch' !!!! After about 8 weeks I had an email making a booking for her and I had to collect her early one morning and take to Heathrow for one of her usual trips. She lives in a small rural village a few miles out of the city, so I was out side her home, 4 am waiting when she came out it was the usual "morning" open the door for her, case in the boot and off we go. Unusually Sarah was very quiet, no chit chat and I noticed she looked a 'little tired' and not dressed as smart as she always normally was. After about an hour we stopped at a services for a coffee, she got back in the car and then slowly started making conversation. Out of the blue she asked if I'd been told the reason for her absence, I said "no" at which point she started to rant about her "bastard husband" who been fucking his young secretary for the past 5 years at their home while she was travelling abroad for work, turns out every time Sarah for work left he moved "his dolly bird" in !!!! For the next hour she told me how she'd thrown him out, started to divorce proceedings and cut him out of her life, then getting more and more personal she went on about how they hadn't had sex for years, he preferred to sleep in the spare room, was a "crap shag anyway" !!! Anyway dropped her off at the airport, off she went saying " see you next week on my return"

2 days later I got another email saying plans had changed, she was traveling back but going into London for meetings, then was traveling to the city next to ours (15 miles away) for an awards dinner and that could I collect her from there at about 11pm at night from the venue. The time came, I parked up outside sent her the usual ' ready when you are' text and waited. Sarah emerged about 10 mins later, looking absolutely stunning in a black ' cocktail type dress' but a little worse for wear pulling her suitcase and with this little ' weasel type' bloke ' hanging off her' , I got out, opened her door, she gave this bloke a little push and said ( in her very posh voice) " if you don't fuck off, my man here will rip your head oFf" . I just stared at him and took a step forward at which point he scuttled off !!!

As we drove home, Sarah (very tipsy) told me how ' the weasel' had been tring to "get in her pants for years" and now that she was single thought he had the green light. We drove home but about 15 mins later Sarah said she had to pee, as I said she lived in the country and we were in the middle of nowhere. She told me to pull over in the next layby which I duely did, got out opened her door and she said she would ' go behind a bush like everyone else does' !!!! Off the went in her cocktail dress and high heels shouting "no peeking" 30 seconds later I heard a 'crash' and a scream from where she was, I asked if she was ok and she shouted " help me" I went in and found her, I must've just froze standing there looking at her, laying on her back, dress around her waist, knickers around her ankles, stockings and suspenders and everything else on show !!!! " dont just stand there, get me up" she squealed. I helped her up, trying to be a gentleman and not looking ( too much !!!!) she dressed her self got back to the car and set off again. Sarah kept giggling to herself then asked me if I'd "enjoyed the view" I said I hadn't noticed anything, she just kept laughing.

We arrived at her house, I opened her door, gave her my hand to help her out the car and guided her to her from door. As she fumbled for her keys I got her case from the boot. She was still trying to open the door and dropped the keys, I picked them up, opened the door and put her case in the hall. As I turned to leave Sarah was right there behind looking up at me (she's only about 5'7") she just stared at me and said said "thank you, I have a little prezzy for you" wots that I asked and the just pulled me to her and kissed me full on the lips. I didn't know what do, she broke away and then did it again, this time more forceful, full, her hands grabbing my head, pulling it down to hers !!! I thought sod it and kisse her back, her tongue was in my mouth, darting around, it felt like she was trying to suck the life out of me. We stopped, broke apart and just looked at each other, she reached behind her and slammed the door shut, "your going nowhere" she said as she pushed me back into the living room and down onto the couch. Like I said Sarah is early sixties (64 now to be precious) 5'7", a size 12, nice C cup tits, with sivery/blond hair in a 'Bob cut' . She slowly pulled her dress up again showing me her stockings and straddled me where I sat, we just kissed, touched, stroked for what seemed like ages, I undid the zip of her dres and slipped it over her, shelookes stunning, matching black bra, knickers and suspenders belt with lace top stocking. I undid her bra and started sucking, biting and rolling her nippples which grew huge. A few mins she lent back and said "my turn". She took my tie off, undid my shirt buttons and took it off and started sucking and biting my nipples, then licking and kissing my chest, down my belly until she got to my trousers and belt which she rapidly undid. She jumped up, pulled my trousers and shorts off, stood there smiling then slipped her knickers leaving her stood there in just stockings, suspenders and scrappy heels. This was like a dream, I have to admit that I had had the odd wank over Sarah in the past but this was unreal. She dropped to her knees and steered to suck my knob which was now rock hard and about ready to burst, I had to tell her slow down cos I thought I would come there and then !!! She did and started to lick it and kiss my balls ( I'm not massive 6" when hard) then started deepthroating me, gagging herself then coming off and panting and spitting. I pulled her back up to the couch, twisted her round onto her back, got on my knees and went down on her. Her grey pubes were neatly trimmed into a little strip, leading down to my target, she was already soaking, I licked, sucked and bit every part of her, she was moaning, raining her hips upto me, pushing her pussy into my face. After only a few minutes she screamed the she was coming and almost instantly squirted into my mouth, I was surprised but kept licking, sucking and swallowing her juices. As she subsided she told me to lick her arse and I have to admit that this Is something I'd never done before and wasn't too sure !!!! She pulled the legs up and presented my face with both her holes, I started again on her pussy but she was moaning '"my arse, lick my arse" so I did..... She went wild. " finger my arse" she shouted, " finger it now" I slid a finger into her pussy to get it wet then slowly rubbed it around her bum-hole, "put it in please" she moaned. I slowly slipped it in and worked it around and in and out, another one she said, so 2 fingers were in and I the then notice how hard this was making me. For about 10 minutes I fingered, licked and sucked her pussy and arse making Sarah come a couple more times again squirting all over me.

I told her that I now had to fuck her so pulled her up, sat her on the edge of the couch and slowly started to rub my cock against her pussy. We both moved towards each other until my cock just 'popped' into her. I started off slowly fucking, we were kissing hard, then she held a tit up for me suck. I sucked it like I was trying to suck if off, "harder, harder" she moaned, I didn't know whether she was on about the fucking or the tit so I did both. Now I was ready to explode and told her so, " my mouth, in my mouth" she so so I pulled out out and put my cock upto her face where she greedily started sucking me. In seconds I shot my whole load down her throat, she swallowed the lot then sucked me dry. We collapsed next to each other on the sofa, both breathing heavy, me covered in come and sweat, Sarah stroking her pussy with one hand and my cock with the other. We kissed and Sarah said, " right, upto bed, I'm not done with you yet !!!!" I spent the first of many nights and days there, we fucked, slept, fucked !!!! I learnt how she loved her arse being played with and fucked, swallowing come and was a bit of an exhibitionist. She loves to give me a BJ while I drive, we have had sex in her office, she loves it her garden ( which is very secluded and sheltered) and she is currently working on a plan to invole her PA Dawn who she describes as a " frumpy 45 year old virgin with massive tits" she says she is close so I will keep u informed. I have also introduced her to SH so hopefully will post some pics some, many thanks for taking the time to read this.