Written by Laura

12 Mar 2009

I knew my partner had had a few gay experiences I,d done a little lesbian, but things were supposed to be different.My partner was between jobs so was doing the house thing while I went to work.I wondered occasionally if he played around with my undies,there was just little things,he also seemed to have lost interest in sex with me,mostly just wanting me to wank him off then wank myself off.

I lied, I told him I had to go away with work for a few days,there was a time when he would moan about that but not this time.I booked into a local hotel,I was going to spy on him.I did,nt have to wait long I watched leave the house,I followed him.He stopped outside a gents toilet,I suspected the obvious.After about 20 minutes he emerged and sat in his car.A young man emerged looked around and then joined him in his car,I was right, I was seething.

I followed him home,I did,nt know what I was going to do.I parked some way off and calmed down a bit.After about half an hour I walked towards our house,the upstairs curtains were closed.I don,t know why but I let myself in as silently as I could.I could hear laughing upstairs,I went in our front room,my partners clothes were on the floor so others,it included both their undies,they were naked.For some reason I picked them up and pushed them behind the sofa.I could hear the action upstairs,they were really enjoying themselves.

I heard footsteps on the stairs,a voice said the same again then,I noticed the drinks cabinet was open.I was sitting on the armchair behind the door,the young man came through the door,he did,nt see me at first,he went to the cabinet.He was wearing my bra and thong,he was standing with his back to me,my thong lost between his muscular cheeks.I,d already noticed his erection only his balls were contained in my thong.I coughed,he turned immediately and stared at me,why was my mind thinking he had a hell of a lovely cock,why was I thinking he looked very sexy.

Everything OK came my partners voice from upstairs,the young man seemed to be paralysed,his cock stayed standing.Footsteps on the stairs,my partner came in the room,he was naked with a full blown erection,he looked at the young man then saw me,all he could say was Laura.Everything seemed to stop,my partners cock started to go down,the young mans was still standing proud.I started to tear my clothes off,I had no idea why I was doing it.They both just watched me,they,re a matching pair I said to the young man as I was wearing just my bra and thong.

My partner had completely lost his erection,the young mans was fading a bit,I reached for it and started wanking him hard,it immediately responded,he made no attempt to stop me,my partner just watched.The harder I wanked him the harder it got.I stopped and took my bra and thong off,I went on my knees took his cock in my mouth and sucked him,he now had a massive cock it filled my mouth,I pushed the thong which were still covering his balls down,I grabbed them as squeesed tightly,I knew I must be hurting him but suddenly his hands held my head and he started fucking my mouth.Not that simple I thought,I,ve not finished yet,I pulled away.I was aware that I was soaked between my legs,I suddenly started to orgasm,my whole body was shuddering and I could hear myself moan.

My partners cock was erect again,he knew I was having an orgasm,he grabbed me and pushed his fingers into my pussy immediately hitting the spot and rubbing hard,I could,nt stop myself coming.The young man stood watching us wanking himself even faster than I wanked him.I needed cock,I grabbed my partners and started to wank him.He pulled his fingers out of me wanting to replace them with his cock.I turned my back to him and offered him my pussy from the rear.There was nothing gentle about the entry,he went straight into me,I started to orgasm again.The young man pulled my head down onto his cock,my partner was slamming into my pussy,I could feel his balls bang against me like I had,nt felt for some time.The young man grabbed my head again,I grabbed his balls to help me support myself,he fucked my mouth,I heard him grunt loudly and felt my mouth fill with his salty spunk.

He was nearly choking me but I was loving it.I knew my partner was filling my pussy as he banged harder and hareder into me.My orgasms were coming one after the other.The young man had some spunk,my partner was no match.I did,nt want them to stop fucking me but they did,men are useless really.We need to talk I said to my partner,I retrieved their clothes,I watched the young man dress and leave,I could understand why my partener could fancy such a beautiful cock.