Written by Col

1 Feb 2016

My wife and I are both 40 and we have been together for over 20 years. Whilst I had had a couple of girlfriends before we met, my wife was a virgin and despite the story I am about to tell, we still say that I am the only man she has ever had.

She likes to use a dildo when we make love, pretending she is being fucked while she sucks me off and on a recent trip to Amsterdam we visited the sex shops to see if we could find a new toy.

In one of the shops we were asked by the attendant if we would like to use one of their booths. We asked what it was and she told us that it was a private room where could watch a movie, fool around and maybe try out our new purchase. I was about to decline but to my surprise, my wife said that it would be fun and we rented a booth for 30 minutes.

The room was small and dimly lit with a tv on one wall, a small sofa and a condom machine. We soon had a movie on which was a two guy one girl threesome and my wife began to unpack her new toy. I must admit it was very arousing thinking about what she would do. I undid my trousers and pulled out my hardening cock which she popped into her mouth and began to gently kiss and suck.

From the corner of my eye I saw something strange on the wall. There was a circle of black rubber like material and it kept bulging out. Suddenly it split and a rather large semi erect cock appeared. I jumped up and so did my wife. "Shit" I said, "we need to go". She looked at it and said, "my god, is that real?", before moving towards it and taking it into her hand.

As soon as she touched it it began to stiffen and she looked at me as we both realised it was indeed real. "We can play our pretend game still", she said, "I'll suck you while I use that", she said, pointing to a now fully erect cock. I could tell she was serious but I hesitated to reply. "It's not a man", she whispered, "just a cock - like pretend". I couldn't believe how turned on I was and just nodded.

She smiled and took the cock in her hand again, gently stroking it and then slowly wanking it. "Our new toy" she said. I asked her if she would really want to go all of the way with it and she nodded, wide eyed and obviously horny. So I went to the machine and got a condom which she rolled onto the cock before she began to kiss it and lick along its length.

I stood by her poking my hard on towards her face so she turned around and presented her pussy to the cock. She pressed her rear against the wall and gasped. "It's in me", she whispered and then took me into her mouth. She was rocking back and forth as it fucked her and it wasn't long before I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed it and then began to really fuck hard against the wall. I crouched down so I could watch. It was fantastic to see her sopping pussy swallowing the cock and, although I was spent, I began to harden straight away.

After several minutes of her fucking it she said to me, "I want to watch it cum", and she withdrew from it, pulled off the condom and began wanking it again. "It's cumming" she whispered and sure enough, after just a few more strokes, four or five spurts of spunk went streaming onto the floor.

She giggled and she milked the last drops from it and let go. It disappeared back through the hole.

"I didn't cum yet", she said and looked at our new toy and then me. "We'll keep the toy for home", she said and turned to present her open, soaking wet pussy to me. I pushed into her and fucked hard, feeling her tighten on me as she reached her orgasm and bringing me off again, filling her with my spunk.

We cleaned up and left and have re created this event almost every night since using the dildo we bought. We still say that I am the only man she has ever had. After all it was just a cock!