Written by Suzy

11 Nov 2016

Hi thought I'd share another naughty adventure

I had been out in town with a friend few pubs and on to a club

We'd seen people we knew all night had had fun . in the club I bumped into an ex mark

Id gone out with him when me n hubby had had a break in our early years

It had been maybe 3 years since our thing

Anyway he got me drinks

We chatted

He was with a mate who chatted to Kim who I was with

We flirted n danced

We'd even kissed at back of the club in a dark spot him feeling me up

So when we were leaving he offered to give us a lift

We agreed

Kim was dropped off

Disappointingly the mate stayed in the car

Mark drove nearer to mine then drove into a car park at beach

I asked what he was doing

He said he thought for old time sake we could maybe have a kiss

He stopped car and and started to kiss me

But as his hands wondered I mentioned his mate being there

Mark laughed and said well ok let's go for walk . We walked threw bushes to prom looking over Solent

There was a bench there

It was summer so warm out as we sat on bench I had a short pleated skirt on with a low cut flimsy top

We cuddled up kissing

His hand moved from my knee going up skirt

Pulling thong aside n slipping fingers in me

I spread my legs giving him more room

He stopped briefly n removed my thong sniffing it

I told him he was a dirty git

And he put it in his pocket

He said that he knew what I was like

And there probably wasn't much he could do that id not already done

I told him he had a cheek

His hand went back up my skirt

As we kissed

My hand went to his cock

He was already hard as I got it out

I broke off our kiss and leaned over taking him in my mouth sucking him

He reminded me how much I liked to suck his cock when we were going out

After a while he stopped me saying he wanted to fuck me

He stood up getting me to turn n kneel on bench I rested myself on the back rest facing bushes closing my eyes

I was a bit drunk lol

I felt mark lift my skirt up over my bum

He kissed my bum

Then I felt him rub the tip of his cock along my now wet slit

I pushed back

He told me not to be so eager

He rubbed it on me

Before entering me

Mm it felt good

Stretching me

I pushed back on each stroke he fucked up me

I was moaning

Enjoying it

When I was suddenly aware of something in front of me

I opened my eyes

To be confronted by a swaying cock being pushed to my face

It was the mate

Thinking about it after I guess he'd been watching from bushes all along

He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed it in my mouth

Mark carried on fucking me his only comment was theres a good girl Suzanne

So I'm now there taking cock both ends

Not the first time I'd done that lol

As there fucking my holes mark says to him see I told u she was up for anything

They had obviously planned it

Mark made me cum

The pleasure rushed over me and I stopped sucking as I recovered

But his cock was still bobing against my lips

There was a noise I looked round a dog was running around us I heard mark speak to someone

As the mate pulled me back to his cock

Holding a handful of my hair as he proceeded to fuck my mouth

Mark had pulled out of me as he spoke to presumably the dog owner

But I was now trying my hardest to make the cock in my mouth cum to worry

But was relived to feel a cock re enter me

This time he held my hips gripping tightly as he fucked me hard n fast

The mate suddenly cum in my mouth

Which I swallowed

As I was jerked about

Moaning loudly from the hard fucking

It didn't last long as I felt him tense up n spunk up my pussy

He released his grip

I turned n sat down

Looking up

There was an older guy stood there hastily putting his cock away stood behind him was mark Grinning at me

The guy called the dog and thanked mark

And hurried off

I said to mark he was a bastard

He laughed telling me it was ok

And 'u want a lift home don't u '

I said yes

He said well Iv not cum yet so once I have. I will drop u off to hubby

He came to me he was rubbing his cock still hard

I took it in my hand wanking him

Sucking him

Bobing my head

It didn't take much

N he spunked in my mouth and

I licked his cock clean

He said I was still a good fuck

And we should see each other again

I agreed but wasn't really sure I would

We walked back to his car

For him to drive me home

The mate just grinned all the way there

Mark kissed my cheek thanking me as I got out

He drove off as I went home to hubby

No wonder guys don't trust us on girls nights out

Love to hear your comments