Written by Toon guy

5 Jun 2016

It all started when I was 34 living in my own place 6ft 1" pretty fit as I did manual job ,I did what I liked mostly had met few women in chat rooms and real life meets but thats for another day

My tale relates to a couple I met on line both 29 married from school looking for bi guy though not totally bi I was curious and had wanked on cam with guys when female company was scarce, back to jack and Jill I'll call them she wanted to try another cock and watch him with a guy so after bit chat phone etc we arranged a meet at my place

They were bit late got lost but quick phone call guided them to my door I open the front door as they pulled up she was blonde long hair about 5'6 tall in knee high leather heeled boots and long brown checked coat ,he about same height going thin on top stocky in jeans t shirt , I chuckled to my self as he looked a lot like a friend of mine

I greeted them and offered them a drink she and I had some wine he declined as he was driving, she had ditched her coat was wearing white blouse which showed her black lace bra over her 36 c breasts knee length black slit skirt up to top of her hold up stockings. She had nice figure curvy and pretty fit

We chatted a bit decided we were all happy to carry on Jill sat next to me turned kissed me it surprised me as I was full on hard urgent kiss on the lips tongue slipping into my mouth I returned it she smelled tasted sweet she soon started to kiss my neck sending tingle through me .

Jack was kneeling few feet from us poem mouthed watching us as her hand slid over my thigh I began to feel her breasts un button her blouse kissing over her soft flesh before I popped her bra her nipples hard erect I slipped then in turn between my lip she gasped as I sucked them , she tugged at my belt jeans rubbing over shape of my very hard cock( 7" uncut )

I sat back let her in button me slide zip down I'd left my pants off she slid her hand down holdin my cock soft gently I slid my jeans over my knees allowing her plenty room she started kissing me urgently on the lips again her hand slowly pumping my cock it felt good to good I felt my cum building much too fast ,as her hand rubbed the head of my cock I nearly came I grabbed her hand to stop her.

I looked a jack your turn I said sit in the chair he got up I crawled over began to undo his jeans pulling them down over his knee she was hard about 5.5 inches I held his cock in my fist slipped my lips over the head he tasted not unlike my own cock Jill sat watching as my lips slipped on off the head of his cock I could feel him tense panting a little I just bobbed faster

" I f you don't stop Iam going to cum" he gasped I lifted my mouth not wanting to make him cum to soon

I suggested we went to bed room so off we went once there we all stripped off except Jill who left her stockings on " what now "Jill asked

Ok I said jack you sit top of bed Jill you get on all fours start sucking him I slipped on a condom I felt her pussy clit she gasped as I rubbed her her head bobbing on jack,she was wet hot I held her hips guided my self into her she arched as I gently slid in out her tight pussy I could feel her gripping my cock I began to fuck her at a nice steady pace ,she started panting her head lifted from jack she fell over him biting his shoulder holding on as I fucked her I reached under her found jacks cock began to pump it as I held her on my cock I could tell he was close by his panting as my hand brushing her breasts on the up stroke of his cock got faster he felt dry friction building on his cock then "iam going to cum " he gasped he groaned I felt his cock lubricant with his cum splashing onto Jill's breasts as I milked him shuddering under her

I slipped out of her she climbed off lay on her back next to him I handed her towel to clean the cum from her breasts and jacks cock

Jack got up said I need to clean up went downstairs Jill seemed to relax bit more as she pulled me on to her my cock slipped in to the hilt lie still she said I did her legs clamped over my thighs she began to grind her self against me I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock her clit pressing against me as she got more more worked up then she started to pant " aim sorry, Iam sorry oh fuck" started cumming panting bucking under me

I let her calm relax before slipping out we lay she explained she'd never cum like that felt guilty she couldn't with jack who was still downstairs

I stil hadn't cum which amazed her I asked her to sit astride me she said she was scared but once I assured her a bit my cock slid in deeper bit by bit till it was all inside her she moaned and she look stunning sitting astride me breasts jutting out nipples hard "what are you doing to me " she gasped " never felt like this" her head went back her eyes rolled upwards

I took her hand placed it on her clit " cum for me" I Said " won't take long "she gasped began to rub her clit cumming almost instantly falling onto me panting

We lay together my cock still hard "you haven't had a cum yet " she said slid down removing the condom slipped her lips over my cock " tastes yuck " she said " use my hand she knelt over my thigh began to wank me soft gentle slipping over the head " I hate taste of condoms " she said " next time I'll give you proper blowjob " let me see you cum "

Her gentle hand slid faster over my cock I could feel it building inside me my body began to tense my hips bucking Ito her hand " cum for me " shoot it " cum that's it yes cum for me" she panted finally I could hold back no more my body arched as I came cum shot over my chest stomach as she squeezed pumped as much fast as she could I gave her big load to think of.

" nice " she said began to clean me with towel we dressed went to find jack watching tv downstairs

We arranged anther meeting I kissed her goodbye

Till next time

Excuse grammar spelling etc hope you enjoyed my true tale more to cum if you did thanks for reading