Written by Gentleman

14 Mar 2012

A couple of years ago I joined a well known club for liberated adults and though I would not call myself a regular I try to make an appearance two or three times a year to keep my hand in so to speak. On joining I was shown around the club and made to feel welcome by the staff. My first impressions of the club lived up to everything I had been told and read. As it was quite early the club was practically empty when I arrived. I grabbed a drink from the bar and stood chatting to another guy who knew the club quite well. I noticed a couple arrive and I guess they looked pretty much like me – a rabbit staring straight in to the headlights. I noticed one of the staff showing them around as they had me. Once their guided tour was over they came over to the bar and I introduced myself to them and said that it was my first time there also and that it was quite a daunting experience. They introduced themselves as John and Jody we made small talk for a while. They said that it was their very first time and that they were not sure exactly what they were looking for but were looking forward to exploring the limits of their comfort zone. I said I was just planning to go with the flow and not expecting anything really. After a while they took their drinks and headed off for a look around. The club steadily filled up with around a dozen or so couples and around 16 or so of us single guys. In the main the couples were chatting amongst themselves in the lounge area. John and Jody returned to the bar and we chatted some more. On talking to the bar staff the night was very quiet by usual standards. I made an effort to say hello to as many people as I could and some were friendlier than others but I guess that’s to be expected. After a while I said that I was going to try the hot tub which looked really inviting. I made my way through to the changing rooms then off to the hot tub. It was fantastic, lovely and warm with a capacity for probably 20 people. I was the only one it at the time. After a while a couple joined closely followed by a couple of guys and I again introduced myself and we chatted. The couple left after 15mins of as did the guys. My fingers were starting to turn like prunes so I exited the tub dried myself off and headed to the bar for a refresher. On my way to the bar I saw the couple from the hot tub being entertained by 4 or 5 guys. I ordered a drink from the bar and noticed John calling me over to where they were sat in a quiet corner. John asked how the hot tub was and I said fantastic you should try it, it was surprisingly empty when I left it a few minutes ago. They said that they may try it later on. They asked me if I wanted to chat to them for a while. Sure I said and collected my drink and joined them. We chatted for probably half an hour and the lounge are started to thin out a bit as I guess people went their separate ways for whatever. Jody said that she liked the idea of somebody watching them have sex and asked how I would feel about that as they were not sure if they were comfortable with playing with anybody else at this stage. I said I would happily watch them if that’s what they wanted. John said that they would go and change and give me a shout when they were ready. After 10 mins or so John and Jody returned and I said that there would probably be an empty room upstairs and off we went. Once we found a room I asked J&J if they would like the door locking and they said yes. They sat on the bed and began playing with each other, fondling and kissing at first before oral on each other. I offered them words of encouragement and Jody did keep glancing to see if I was watching. I was enjoying watching them, Jody had a really nice body with fantastic curves and a partially shaved pussy. Whilst watching them I could not help but play with my cock under my towel. I saw Jody watching me as I watched them. I could hear them talking to each other but could not hear what they were saying. I gradually let my towel slip a little further so they could see that I was playing with my cock. Eventually Jody got on her hands and knees facing me and John fucked her hard and fast from behind, all the while Jody’s eyes were fixed on my cock which I think she seemed to enjoy. John withdrew and shot his load over her arse. I thanked them for a fantastic show and offered them a drink which they accepted and we made our way down to the bar. We chatted for a while in the bar and they said that they had enjoyed it very muck and thanked me for respecting them. I said it was not a problem I had enjoyed watching them very much. I finished my drink and said that I was going to have a wander around and see what was happening and leave them in peace for a while. I did a tour and saw a couple of the couples playing together on one of the large beds and a few couples with guys etc. I checked out the hot tub which had 2 couples in with about 8 guys who were clearly feeling up the couples. I watched a couple who were taking turns sucking off a couple of guys. I then moved over and spent a few minutes watching a couple playing together. After a while the female on the bed beconed me over and said that she would like to give me a blow job whilst her hubby fucked her. I positioned myself on the bed and she took my cock in her mouth sucking like I had never been sucked before or since for that matter until I was on the verge of coming. I warned her but she just continued and held me in her mouth as I came. She continued sucking once she had swallowed until I could not take any more. I thanked them and asked if I could return the favour somehow. She thanked me for the offer and said that she just enjoyed sucking cock. I cleaned myself up made my way back to the bar and got another drink. Jody and John joined me at the bar and said the they had a proposition for me or to be precise Jody had and I could refuse if I wished with no hard feelings. Jody said that she would like to go back upstairs again and that she would like me to give her oral whilst John watched, but could not promise any thing else in return, Jody apologised for being selfish but they wanted to take things slowly. I said it was not a problem and that I fully understood and would love to back up with them. We finished our drinks and headed back off upstairs. Once in an empty room we locked the door and I suggested that Jody lay back and I would try to please her. I stroked her body gently and could feel her trembling slightly to the touch so I told her to relax as I got down between her legs and started to work my mouth towards her pussy. I hear her asking John if he was ok with it. John told her to relax and enjoy and stop worrying about him as he was more than fine with it. I went to work on her pussy with my tongue and she started groaning softly as she seemed to be enjoying it. She tasted lovely as fresh and really quite wet. I sucked and tongued her clit and pussy coming up for the occasional breath between. I could see them kissing, John watching intently and whispering words of encouragement to her. Jody did seem to relax a little and seemed to be enjoying me giving her oral. At one point she took Johns hard cock in her mouth whilst he watched me working on her pussy and clit. A couple of times I felt her spasm slightly as though she was going to orgasm and she became wetter but she did not seem to climax so I carried on until she had a proper orgasm where she clamped my head between her thighs as she gyrated on the bed and groaned pretty loud. She later said that she had in fact has quite a few orgasms and had loved the experience. Jody got her breath back and we chatted for a couple of minutes, I said that I hand loved giving her oral and was pleased that she had enjoyed. John encouraged her to return the favour but she said she was not ready. I said it was fine and that I had had wonderful time with them and was off to relax in the hot tub. They said that they may join me if it was not too busy. When I made my way down stairs the club had really thinned out and the hot tub was empty. I made my way in and after a few minutes John and Jody joined me. We chatted and I again thanked them for lovely time I could see from the body language that John was playing with her pussy under the water as we were chatting. Eventually Jody moved closer, I felt her hand cross my leg and she took hold of my cock which was quite hard already. She began slowly wanking me and John at the same time. After a few minutes and she and John whispering she asked me if I would like to sit on the edge and she would have a go at sucking my cock if that was alright. I said would love to if you are both happy with that and please don’t feel any pressure to, it would be lovely but not necessary. Jody said she wanted to and I lifted myself on to the edge. Very nervously and gently she moved he lips closer running her tongue over the end before gingerly taking me in her mouth. She looked me in the eye and smiled as she continued to suck my cock slowly. I encouraged her saying how nice it felt and how good she was etc. She continued for ages so until I told her that she was going to make me come, she asked if I wanted to come to which all I could do was nod my head she laughed and then carried on sucking me off. I grunted and she took my first spurt in her mouth then closed her eyes and directed the rest on to her face wanking me furiously until I finished coming. She said to John look darling he has come all over my face. I did not catch Johns reply as I was trying to regain my breath. She cleaned face up and she and John began shagging again. I again thanked them and said I hoped they had enjoyed their first time as much as I had and that I hoped to see them back there again in the future. I headed off to the lockers to clean up and dress. I ordered a taxi at the bar and was told it would be 30 mins so I ordered a drink and chatted to the guy behind the bar whilst I waited. Jody and John came through 15 minutes later and thanked me for making their first time with somebody else very special and that it had given them more confidence than they had ever thought possible. I thanked them for the kind words and agreed that I would say hi if I saw them in again. I gave them my e-mail and mobile no and said if they ever fancied a chat they could contact me any time and with that John and I shook hands and Jody gave me sweet peck on the lips as they left.