Written by Dan

13 Jan 2018

This happened years ago but I thought I’d relive it by writing it down.

I got with a woman after my long term relationship ended and we just clicked. We would spent whole weekends together having drunk fuelled sex and trying all sorts of kinky stuff. I mean there was nothing she wouldn’t do but her biggest turn on was dominating me with sex toys. I’ll admit at first I was a bit nervous but as we explored together I soon found out it was something I loved.

We met a couple of guys off the Internet, one in a hotel and one at her place but it just never worked so one evening she phoned me and said the local swingers club had a bi night on and would I like to go down. I was really excited by the prospect and she picked me up as we both went down.

She had already registered beforehand so after showing our membership numbers we went inside and sat at the bar. The lounge area was full of guys all drinking and chatting as my heart raced at what might happen. The owner came over and said the upstairs was open as he gave us both a dressing gown. It was so surreal.

After we had both got changed we went into the hallway and started to look around. There were rooms all along the corridor with beds and TVs on he wall all showing porn. We saw a bdsm room with what looked like a dentists chair and stirrups attached.. it was all so exciting.

I guess most people were still downstairs and so we got to the end of the corridor seeing a 3 huge mattresses together enclosed by wooden bars. We sat on the bed and lay next to eachother watching the TV.

My cock was hard and as we both took off our gowns we started to play with eachother. She was getting excited and so took out her strap on dildo and putting lube on my arse as she began to move inside me. I moved onto my hands and knees facing the wall as she began to slowly fuck my arse.

After a few minutes she turned me around as I saw maybe 20 guys watching us through the bars some with their cocks out stroking furiously as they gazed at us. It was such a turn on as they watched her fucking me.

A guy came onto the bed and asked if he could join. We gave him a nod and he knelt next to me with his hard cock inches from my face. I just wanted his taste in my mouth as I took hold of him and started to suck. The sight must have sent her wild as she began to thrust harder and deeper into me.

She pulled out and lay on the bed telling me to ride her. Kneeling over her I began to fuck the huge dildo hard still with the guy pushing his cock into my mouth. Another guy came over then another and a another as I soon found myself surrounded my hard cocks each taking turns to force my head onto them.

I was completely in the moment as one guy looked down and said “can I cum in your mouth”. I just nodded saying “I want to taste you all” as he grabbed my head thrusting his cock into my mouth. The anticipation of tasting cum was overwhelming as I felt his hot spunk on my tongue. It was so naughty I just wanted to swallow every last drop.

After that I had guy after guy take turns shooting cum over my face and into my mouth. I must have swallowed at least 20 loads and each time it made my body tingle. It was without doubt the most awesomely erotic thing I’ve ecer done.

I’ve not been back since but the thought still makes me hard to this day