21 Oct 2018

A little introduction , we are Tim and Jane, a married 40's couple, we are a couple of larger proportion but find each other extremely sexy, Jane is 43, size 20 and 38h boobs, an amazing pretty face. Me (Tim) 47, 6ft, 17st decent looking with an average sized cock.

We decided we were going to have a weekend away as with family at home makes it difficult for us to get time to fulfil our sexual needs properly, so we booked a weekend away to Southport.

We got there about 1pm checked into the hotel and then decided to go and explore and have a few drinks around town.

We have been to quest club at Leeds a few times and mainly enjoyed it and Jane has had a encounter with another girl and we had soft swap with another couple on another occasion there but what happened this weekend was definitely a notch up on the level that we had previously gone too.

So we had got to about 8pm and as the drinks were starting to take effect and got back to the subject of sex clubs and that I had got turned on by watching her sucking off the guy from the couple that we soft swapped with and when she had had a play with a sexy dark haired lady, Jane then turned round and said she wanted to go to another club and that what went on there is only sex and doesn't effect anything else within our marriage, I agreed and asked when did she want us to go and to my surprise she said "now" I thought wow and my cock immediately started to stir.

I started to google clubs in Southport or Liverpool and Townhouse came up, we wasn't really dressed for it but thought fuck it, booked the taxi and headed over.

45 mins in the taxi and all sort of scenarios were going through both our heads, would there be a couple to play with? Will Jane be tempted to fuck another guy? Will she get her wish to watch another girl suck me off?

We got there around 1030pm paid the entrance fee and headed in , a guy showed us around and told us what was where and then left us to explore for ourselves, we grabbed towels and got changed into them, most of the women were dressed in sexy underwear and we felt a little bit under prepared but that was the great thing about the spontaneous decision.

Jane was very interested in the dungeon and was getting excited watching the woman getting fucked in there by 4 guys, I felt her sexy pussy and it was extremely wet and she tasted amazing when I licked my fingers.

After further exploring we settled in the orgy room, and sat on the sofas watching a couple fucking on one of the beds, this must have been have been turning Jane on a lot and she immediately got down on her knees and took my hard cock in her mouth, she was licking and sucking me up and down as well as squeezing my very full ball sack, I didn't know where to look, so I was alternating between watching the couple fucking and Jane sucking me, I could tell Jane wanted some action on the bed by the way she lead me over to the other bed, she wanted fucking but first I needed to taste her sweet cunt, I worked my way down her body sucking her amazing large tits and bullet nipples, she was moaning very loud by now, I went down further to her pussy, wow she was dripping wet, I licked her clit and she almost cum straight away, what sent her over the edge was when I put 4 fingers in her and started finger fucking her soaking love hole whilst licking her clit, Jane exploded cum everywhere, soaking the bed, soaking me, I've never seen her squirt so much fun, I lapped up all her juices, I fucking love the taste of her.

She needed to be fucked though, I put my rock hard dick inside her squelchy fun soaked cunt and fucked her hard for about 10 mins, she then said "piss in me" we've always always enjoyed piss play since we got together so this was music to my ears, I pushed hard and released a good squirt of piss into Jane in return she started pissing too, the hot feeling on my cock was amazing.

We took a breather and watched the couple on the other bed for a while, they had been joined by another couple, and one girl was sat on the other girls face whilst sucking her partner and the other was getting fucked in the arse by an enormous fat cock.

We watched for a while and then moved on, we started watching a young couple fucking, a curvy lady with nice tits, I asked Jane if I should ask i we could join in but she was worried they were too young so decided against it.

We were watching another couple fucking when Jane got talking to a nice black guy, very friendly and not at all expectant, we all had a chat and he asked if we had been in the dark room, we hadn't, he then asked if we wanted to go in, I looked at Jane and she said what the hell, I think she knew the expectation of what was going to happen on there, but she was very nervous, she said it's only sex, I agreed, I don't think I've ever felt my cock harder and knew my wife was going to be fucked.

We got in there and the black guy started touching Jane and she could feel his hard very large dick in her hand and was petrified at the though of that going inside her, in the end he was happy being just being there, secretly I was hoping she would fuck him as I would like to see how she would cope with it.

We got down on the floor and suddenly there were what sounded like 6 or seven guys that were there, they were touching her and fingering her hot cunt, I could hear her cumming and the squelching of her cum squirting out of her, I was laid next to her kissing her and asking if she was ok.

I said that guys have to wear condoms and everyone was respectful of that, one guy then got on top of her and starting fucking her, I was extremely hard and this point and Jane's was wanking my cock at the same time as having her first extra marital cock inside her, he was fucking her hard and she shouted I'm cumming again, I fucking loved her doing being so vocal, after about 5 mins the guy shot his load in the condom inside her, then changed places with another guy, not sure how many cocks Jane had inside her but it was amazing to hear even if I could see it being in the dark room, Jane then said she wanted her husband inside her and everyone moved back to allow me to get to her cunt, I fucked her for about 5 mins and I could tell she needed a rest so we called it a day.

We decided to call it a night and got changed and got the taxi back to Southport.

We got back to the hotel, I wanted to fuck her again but Jane was very sore and swollen, we did make love the following morning whilst talking about what we done, I don't think I've ever cum so much, it was flooding out of her.

What a night it was, hopefully more to come in time.