Written by Rob

23 Aug 2018

Im trying to get my wife back to swinging. Its been a while since we did any.

I have upped the amount of sex we are having.

Yesterday after having our morning bath as Karen was getting dried and doing her hair I was feeling extra horny I got her towel off her after playfully slapping her arse withing a minute or two she was on her back on the bed with my head between her legs licking her out.

I continued for a while before getting two fingers in her alternating between fingering and licking I get her really wet.

I get on the bed kneeling beside her and she holds my now rock hard cock lightly stroking it.

Again i insert now three fingers and finger fuck her at quitte a fast pace. As i do i slip my cock slowly on to her mouth which she greedily sucks on deeper and deeper until im ball deep. I suggest we 69 after five minutes which dhe readily agrees to I tell her to grap one of her two toys. She brings out the biggest one.

Once in the 69 i slowly work in the vibrator now this thing is bigger that me but judging how wet she is I know it will go so slowly but surely i get it in as deep as i can stretching her pussy wide she is still sucking hard on my now soaking cock.

Out of the blue she stops and pulls out the smaller vibrator and lube and applies lube to her lityle brown hole. Now we havent done this for a long time, im instructed to lube up the small vib and to gently insert it.

Who am I not to say no. So with that I get it lubed up and slowly work it in until its all the way in this is only a thin 3 or 4 inch one.

Karen is still sucking my cock taking the whole lenght as I am noth fucking her arse with the vib and licking her pussy, she is absolutely soaking by now I insert the bigger vib in to her now soaking pussy there she is two vibs all the way in and sucking hard on my cock.

Now she wants cock inside out come the both vibs and on her back she goes with her legs held high I drive my hard cock deep inside her pussy she is so wet. I pound her hard for a while as I do she is squeezing her nipples hard with one hand and i instruct her to rub her now very swollen clit.

After a couple of minutes i tell her to get in to the doggy position a position she loves as I can really drive deep and hard in to her. After a few minutes of pounding her I take the small vib again re lube it and push it back in her bum hole now slowly with my cock in her pussy and the vib in her arse i fuck her with both slowly and deep.

All the while taljing dirty to her calling her a dirty bitch I say I bet you wish these were both real cocks and that she could also be sucking another. This is really turning her on and I get her to agree she would love it. Especially as i say once one cock has unloaded in her pussy it is replaced with another.

Karen is really going with it then she says I want you to fuck my arse with your cock. Out comes the vib soon to be replaced with my cock I lube up well and slowly push in gently stretching her open easing my self in until im ball deep.

Slowly i speed up the pace making sure she iis comfortable until im fucking her a a good pace deep and now hard Karen cums hard for the first time with that. I relly start to pound her and she cums again I cant hold back and unload deep in her. Its been a good while since doing this but it felt great.

Being hot Karen goes off and showers quickly. Then I shower after.

To my surprise by the time I get out she is already dressed and sat in the living room. Im still horny so call her in to dry my back. As soon as she has I order her to suck my now re wash cock at first she says no but firmly I order her to do it like a good wife she obeys.

5 mins later she is undressed and back on her back with me pounding her deep and hard again.

I continue with teasing her about having more than one cock to play with and tell her im going to organise it little does she know I really am. Karen cums hard again after a while and I join her filling her up deep and hard. Again we shower but tjis time we dboth dress. Now im going tocstart ramping it up until she agrees to another joining in I might just surprise her and organize it sooner

Watch this space