Written by Moot

5 Aug 2019

I have posted on here various times in the past. All of which are true accounts.

Myself and my partner Amy have visited clubs in the past and have had MMF and MMMF fun. Amy is curvy, size 16, 40F tits and really pretty. Blonde bobbed hair and never fails to attract attention whilst in a club.

A short time ago we visited a club in Manchester and for the first time we experimented in a glory hole. Was the first time we'd tried it and never even considered it before.

Basically it consisted of us going into a small room and someone put their cock through a hole. Amy dropped to her knees and sucked it. After a while she rolled a condom onto it and proceeded to back on to it. She sucked me off whilst she pushed back on to someone's cock.

Amy came loud and quickly. I finished by emptying my load into her mouth. The guy clearly finished as we saw the cum filled condom disappear back through the wall. We spoke about it on the way home and she admitted it was the most turned on she had been. The fact she didn't know who'd fucked her made it such a turn on.

We had been looking at club reviews on here and we found a club in Birmingham that has a female glory hole. We discussed it and decided we definately wanted to give it a go.

Fast forward a few weeks and we were on route to the club. We decided to go in with an open mind and if we felt comfortable, we would try the female glory hole.

On arrival we were shown round the club and went to change. Amy had opted for a black all in one body suit. Thong back with holdups. I went for some smart black Calvin Klien boxers.

We had a wonder round and the place was quite busy. Plenty of couples and quite a lot of single guys. Who to be fair were friendly and not pushy at all. A guy asked us to join him in a room which we politely declined as we'd not decided on what we were gonna do. We went for a walk and saw various people playing. We eventually stumbled on the area with the female Glory holes. There were 3 beds where the women laid down and put her upper half through the hole. Which meant only their legs and vagina were accessible. There was nobody else in that area at the time so I got Amy to try it out. She looked at me and said she would and trusted my judgement. She said once she wanted to get out. She would drop her towel out the hole onto the floor. She climbed in and laid down on her back. Her legs were on 2 steps which opened her legs up.

I gently touched her and she jolted. Clearly not been able to see had heightened her senses. Eventually I opened the poppers on the bodysuit gusset. I went down on her and was fingering her. You could hear her moaning. After a while I stood up. I took my hard cock out of my boxers and rubbed it against her clit. I sensed someone watching and when I turned round I saw the guy from earlier stood watching. I put my finger to my lips to tell him to be quiet. I waved him closer and motioned for him to touch her. He gently stroked her leg. Gradually getting higher. He soon had 2 fingers up her whilst rubbing her clit with his thumb. He only had a towel on and it was clear he was hard. I passed him a condom and he stepped back. He dropped his towel and he had an impressive cock. Around 7" but quite fat. He got between her legs and slowly started pushing into her. A slight readjustment and a loud groan from Amy and I knew he was in her. He fucked her gradually getting faster and harder. Other people were now entering the area. Couples, single guys. All watching a man fuck a fanny and a pair of legs hanging out the wall. After 10 mins the guy came and pulled out. Another guy started to finger Amy. I handed him a condom and he too got between her legs and fucked her. When he finished I expected her to throw the towel out. But she didn't. Clearly wanting more. For the next 30 mins another 5 guys fucked her. Pretty much one after the other. One of the guys fucked her whilst his wife watched.

Eventually the towel came out and Amy slowly climbed out. Struggling to find her feet. She was a little wobbly based on the number of orgasms she'd had. She used the towel to clean herself up as a couple of the guys had pulled out, removed condoms and spunked on her belly and holdups. Last last guy had sprayed cum on the outside of her pussy.

We went and changed and left the club. On the way home we discussed it. Amy had lost count how many times she'd cum. But reckons it was into double figures. She had no idea how many people had fucked her as she didn't know if some had gone twice. She was shocked when I told her they'd all only had 1 turn and she had been fucked by 7 men and had 2 lots of cum sprayed on her belly, pussy and holdups.

She admitted she had enjoyed it and we are definately planning a return visit.