Written by Coach1

6 Sep 2010

we got two weeks for the price of one to a greek isle.It was the first week of the season.we only really had spending money for one,so the first day i got some bottles of spirits etc for the fridge in the room.IT was dead no life what brits whi were there were older than us.On the 4th day the gatwick plane came in we heard them booking into there rooms in the middle of the night.In the morning it was a day by the pool spend little except for an evening meal in a taverna doing a special offer,I ..sneaked into the hotel bar for a breakfast about 11 oclock,just as it arrived a couple about our age came in he smart fit looking,she very fit i smiled and they sat at the next table,i made small talk, said it was a bit quiet,i left before them and backto the pool and wife.

you missed a little blonde in a ra ra and bikini top,not me i replied ,nice bit stuck up they said they would try the taverna tonight.Just then they came to the pool picked up their towels etc and made there wayover to our corner.Can we join you,yes said the wife,next thig they are rabbiting away as if they have know each other for years.Tim suggested we go for a man pint, conversation was normal bloke stuff,onlt thing we had in common was dislike of man utd.That evening we all dined together the two wives had dressed to out do one another

On returning to the hotel,the bar had closed due to lack of trade,as it was not yet midnight i invited them to our room for a nightcap,nightcap followed night cap,mymy wife asked how the girl kept herself so fit.Pilates she said she then lay on the bed and demonstated a few moves .When she finished she sat up pulled up her top and flashed her boobs not at me but at the wife,the guy had gone on the balcony at this time.i popped out and brought him in,he sensed the atmosphere.Look he said we are an unusual couple i prefer boys to stat ,she likes to start on the girl then its all in.Well he was dealing with swinging virgins i went usher them out,she said sorry to the wife .they kissed good night on the cheek when suddenly the were deep kissing,the guy stepped behind his lady with a qick catch her skirt fell to the floor .no pants,the girl had undone the wifes dress and it slipped to the floor.Strip he said i wont touch you,within seconds we were stood there with fine erections the girls now both nude snogging and fingering on the bed,

Within minutes we were screwing one anothers wives ,it was as if i was 20 againafter a couple of hours my libdo was not keeping up on the demands made of it.Thats no good said the blonde she waved at her hubby,get him rock hard,he grabbed my cock i was going to push him awaybut she started to snog me.i felt his other hand probing myarse.i managed to catch site of my wife she was clearly enjoying the scene,then his moth fell on my cock.it was hard .she pushed himaway and lept on .My wife pushed him onto his back and she climbed.from swinging virgins to bi swingers in one night xxxx