Written by Sunray

20 Mar 2016

This is reposted as I noticed it was incomplete from how I wrote it. It is the 4th in a series of accounts of how my Mother in Law, knowing her daughter, my wife, could no longer enjoy or take any part in sex, wanted me to enjoy a full sex life, without the need to look elsewhere. (Which I would not have).

I rang the bell, I was expected and Brenda my attentive Mother in Law answered. She was dressed in a button up the front skirt and plain apricot coloured blouse that was almost see through and no bra. She had a little more make-up on that she would wear out and a darker shade of lipstick.

She had informed me that although there could be some playtime she had some chores she wanted me to do. We went into the lounge and I saw the ironing board was out and a large pile of sheets and general washing was sitting expectantly in a basket adjacent. I looked at her slightly puzzled and she laughed. ‘You know how I discovered your little secret of how you enjoy wearing my silky underwear?’ I couldn’t argue and waited for the next line. ‘Well I have put together a little ensemble that I want you to ear while you are doing some ironing for me and see how you get on’

She led me to the bedroom and laid carefully on the bed were Stockings, Basque, lacy panties, half-slip and a long black silky housecoat all in black. Immediately I wanted to put them on. She passed me a box that contained a pair of large black patent shoes. I had never tried heels but she insisted I had to be fully dressed to do the ironing and then I should be good and ready and fully aroused to enjoy a session with her.

She left me to it and I put the full outfit on, including the shoes. I wobbled up and down the bedroom before chancing the hallway and was almost walking on tiptoe but managed to make an entrance, give a twirl and got a clap of approval form my waiting MIL who was seated and ready to watch me work.

I surprised myself at how well I got on with the heels and found only the increase in height weird. I am 6’ so they made me very tall and the ironing board at full adjustment was a strain. As we made small talk she asked if I liked the way the stockings rubbed together and if it gave me an erection. I admitted it felt fantastic and she asked me to go over and show her. She opened the housecoat and could see the bugle beneath the garments she had me wear. She hoisted up the slip and removed the panties releasing my cock into view. She gave it a quick kiss and then pulled the slip back down and told me to carry on. The rubbing of my prick up against the half-slip was another great feeling and I was purposely turning and moving to get the movement even more.

Brenda took pity on me and only after a couple of pressed items stood and took my hand to lead me to the bedroom. She told me to lie on my back and I did as I was told. She removed the slip and my cock sprang up to attention. She had removed her skirt enroute to the bedroom and now unbuttoned her blouse to reveal those amazing hanging tits with nipples so dark and hard. She leant forward and the pendulous tits covered my face. I gently tongued and sucked at the nipples. She was getting turned on. She took my cock in her hand and started to wank it.

It already had a little bead of pre-cum and she moved her mouth to lick and then suck it. She then shuffled on to the bed and proceeded to climb aboard me, carefully positioning my cock at the lips of her pussy. Without any ceremony she moved forward and down and my cock sank deep inside her. Her pendulous tits were right in front of me and I cupped the glorious breasts and massaged them. Brenda motioned forward and back and with very little effort, but the right rhythm had me right on the edge. I was still clad in her stockings but had lost the high heels on the rush to the bedroom. She pulled the black slip I had been wearing over her head and put her arms through it so it covered her breasts. I felt them through the silky material and rubbed my stocking clad legs together while she rocked back and forth on my cock.

I was in heaven, the silky feel with her gorgeous tits hanging down and swinging had me shooting a hot load deep inside my voluptuous Mother in Law. She was tiring and needed some attention now. She rolled off me and on to her back. I got my fingers to work inside her cum filled pussy. I had impressed myself with the volume of spunk I had deposited inside her. It was dripping out and down towards her bum. I helped it o its way and used it to lubricate her little rear hole. I slipped a finger inside and she showed surprise and then pleasure on her face. We kissed and I used more of the sticky liquid to lubricate the hole and pushed my finger deep inside her. I moved my mouth down to her cunt and licked the clit while continuing to have her enjoy this new sensation. She came with a loud cries of yes, yes and we both started to laugh at the likelihood her neighbours would be wondering what was going on. She whispered would I like to try going inside her? I declined as I was still soft and recovering from the fucking she had given me and was not sure she was ready for that.

We lay there in a soft embrace for ages and almost both fell asleep. We kissed again passionately and tongues were deep inside each others mouths and I slipped my hand under the petticoat she had put on her top half earlier and felt the soft warm skin of her breasts, played with her nipples and got them hard again. My cock had recovered also and she told me she wanted me to give her a bath. She left me on the bed on my back and walked naked to the bathroom and ran a nice deep warm bath with lots of bubbles. She called when she was in that she needed her back doing. I was thinking more that I would love to soap her beautiful tits and raced in grabbing the nice smelling liquid soap and taking a very generous handful proceeded to first wash her back as requested. She looked at me and smiled and said go on then, I know what you want to do. Of course she did, she was very aware of what her naughty Son in Law liked and it was to rub those lovely tits and the liquid soap was perfect for increasing the silky feel of them.

She was very lucky that apart from her lovely head of grey curly hair she had no other hair on her body. Never had. Her arms, legs and pussy were completely hairless. I soaped the whole of her body and she was enjoying the attention and warm water. I used a jug to rinse the suds and she stood so I could dry her. She asked me to wait and she washed herself below, back and front. I took more soap and as she turned and faced away from me I washed her lovely soft bottom and she told me next time she would like me to try her little hole if I would like to. It shocked me and wasn’t sure if I needed to. Her pussy was fine for me. It wasn’t tight but the whole sexual chemistry and sensation of what she would do to me made me cum easily and I wasn’t sure if it would be a nice experience for her, although I know she did enjoy me fingering her there while I was licking her clitoris. We will have to see I said.

To be continued if interested?