Written by Linda

8 Oct 2011

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I sat down next to Tony and he leant over to whisper a "thank you" into my ear; his breath causing the little hairs on my neck to stand on end and sent a little shiver down my spine.

Just as Tony suggested that we make a move, a friend of his arrived and Tony called out for him to join us - asking him to order a couple of drinks for us.

He explained that he hadn't seen his friend for a while and that we would only stay for the one drink.

His mate (Gary) bought the drinks over and introductions were briefly made. Gary sat on a low stool opposite us.

As the two of them chatted away, I noticed Gary kept looking at my legs and realised he was staring up my short dress. I wish I still had my panties on but at least my tights gave a little protection, but I was sure he could see something thru the thin flesh coloured nylon.

Tony didn't say anything but obviously knew what Gary was up to. He placed his hand on the top of my leg and let his fingers fall inside my thigh. During the next 15 minutes, Tony very slowly moved his hand further up my thigh, taking the hem of my dress with it. By now I was certain Gary could see my pussy and I sat there frozen to the spot with a sense of fear, embarrassment and excitement all mixed together.

Tony was obviously enjoying the game (as Im sure Gary was) but decided to take pity on me and suggested that we make a move.

We said goodbye to Gary and made our way to the van. As we got there, Tony turned me to face him and then kissed me, sliding his tongue to meet mine. He gently lent me against the side of the van and moved his hand over my breast. After a short time of frantic kissing he pulled the top of my dress down and pulled one of my breasts free from my bra. His fingers flicked then rolled my nipple. I lent my head back and Tony kissed down my neck before taking my nipple in his mouth.

At that moment a car pulled into the pub car park and Tony stepped back away from me, leaving me standing there with one side of my dress pulled down and my breast hanging out. Tony just laughed, gave me that smile and walked round the van to get in, before unlocking my door.

Once in, we looked at each other. I was a little upset but he smiled again and we both burst out laughing, releasing any tension I had felt.

We drove away and headed toward my house, with Tonys hand resting on the top of my thigh the whole time. I asked him to drop me off around the corner from my house as I wasn't sure whether my parents would be home and I could do without the "20 questions".

He pulled up in an unlit side street and leant across to kiss me again. This time, my dress was lowered to expose both breasts and my bra was lying somewhere on the floor. I moved my hand to the bottom of his grubby t-shirt and slid it upward, caressing his firm stomach and chest, before stroking his nipples.

I felt Tonys hand move up the inside of my thigh and I opened my legs and placed one foot on a raised ledge. His fingers began stroking my bare pussy thru my tights. It must have been just a few minutes later that he pulled away from me and leant across into the back of the van.

I panicked when he pulled out a stanley knife. Tony sensed my fear and told me not to worry "there's one thing I hate more than panties and that's a girl in tights". He then took hold of the gusset and cut thru the material before throwing the blade into the back of the van.

He then leant in to kiss me and his hand quickly found its way onto my pussy. This time, there was nothing holding him back and he slid a finger into me, slowly stroking my clit with his thumb. My body moved down the seat to push onto his hand and he then gently stroked me between my pussy and ass, pushing his finger slightly into my arse before moving back to my pussy.

My body was on fire and this 25 year old man made me feel more like a woman in 4 hours than all the boys Id ever known put together - and I was STILL a virgin.

The first orgasm hit me very strongly and I arched my back, pushing my pussy upward to grind on his hand.

As I slowly came back down to earth, I told Tony that I was a virgin but that I needed his cock inside me.

He continued to kiss and caress me for a few minutes but made little attempt to take things further. I was desperate to lose my virginity to him and moved my hands to undo his belt buckle.

Tony put his hand across mine and told me that I shouldn't lose something so precious inside a grubby van. I burst out crying thinking that he didnt find me attractive enough or that I had done something wrong.

He assured me that I was beautiful and that he was dying to make love to me but that he wanted my first time to be special. He wiped away my tears and said I should probably go home in case he couldn't help himself any longer.

I looked into his eyes and thanked him for being so nice.

He sat there and watched as I removed my ripped tights, got my bra off the dirty floor and grabbed my cardigan.

Tony told me that he would take me out on the following Saturday night and to let my parents know that I'd be staying at a friends house. Just the thought that I would be with him overnight sent a tiny spasm thru my pussy and I had to squeeze my thighs together.

He gave me another long slow kiss before getting out of the car to open my door. I swung my one leg out and the internal light gave him a brief glimpse of my bald pussy.

Tony accused me of being a tease and slapped my bum as I walked off toward home.

I couldn't wait to get into work on the Tuesday.