Written by Devinedecadence

25 Aug 2012

I thought I'd share some things about me (mainly - and some about my husband):

I thought some members might enjoy some of my tales from nights at Fetish/swingers clubs and why I'm so glad I tried them out- Not everyone's cup of tea - but I think it's hot and hope you do too:

I had always been very promiscuous and loved being a slut and filthy sex, but I was just unaware of swing and fetish clubs. But within weeks of getting together with my husband 8 years ago(I'll call him Andy for the sake of the story) we were at The London Fetish Fair and then the after party club night - I was nervous but excited, he'd been to club nights before, so at first we stuck together but quickly got off on the whole sexual athmosphere and Andy pushed my legs slighty apart and slid a couple of fingers inside me in the middle of the dance floor. Now I come easily anyway but with being fingered like that and people all around enjoying watching I was soaking wet and moaning in seconds. I never done anything so blatant in public before - I was a natural and it felt so amazing - I knew people watching were getting off on it,especially because I come so strongly and noisily. I soon discovered that I love being an exhibitionist - we wandered into a lage fairly busy room and a guy is just starting a sybian demonstration and asks if I want to take part so I pulled up the tight rubber mini dress I was wearing exposing my swollen clit and reaching down to spread my lips as I straddled the machine - Andy took control of the remote and I was completely powerless against the mind blowing effects of a sybian - Ladies if you have never tried it - you really should. My crazy noisy orgasms really drew a crowd and I came even more watching them watching me and knowing they were loving it. But it wasn't just a swingers night - it was all about Fetishes - Now I LOVE being tied up and I got to be tied to a frame in the dungeon and whipped by an expert Dominatrix - Wow! Later I was strapped to a hospital style bed while a stranger forced me to come again using nipple clamps and high power vibrators. The whole night was a revelation - I witnessed so much it was absolutely wild - I spent the next week either in total shock at my behaviour or blissfully happy at my new found sexual self - I kept having flash backs - just remembering everthing that happened (there was lots more!) made me wet and my clit throb. We went to other Fetish nights when ever we could for the next couple of years and the fun continued but even though we love bondage, we'd never do master and slave roles and more full on fetish so we thought we'd try branching out - so we went to a swingers club night.

Which takes me to telling you all about one of my favourite sexual encounters ever:

The first night at a swingers club we were again a bit nervous so we stuck together and went off to explore the bondage equiptment. I was wearing a tiny mini skirt, a very slutty top and fetish boots laced up to my knees with massive heels. Well as we turn to go back to the bar this guy - overflowing with confidence - over six foot tall and dreesed in 6 inch heels, hotpants and with his ripped young body fully on display walks straight up to me and eases his hand between my legs, asking permission as he , he's so pleased that I'm soaking wet instantly, kneels in front of me, pulls off my knickers (That's how nervous I'd been - I had even put knickers on) and pushes his mouth hard onto my clit and starts sucking and licking - I spasm and struggle to stand so he asks Andy if he'll hold me up. So Andy holds me from behind under my arms pulling my top down so he can hold my tits and play with my nipples. Oh and a crowd is gathering to watch. The guy asks 2 guys watching to grab a leg each and lift them up and hold them wide apart - so there I am in a room of strangers my dripping pussy and my tits exposed as I moan and spasm and writhe and this guy just slides his fist deep inside me, gently at first but then harder and harder - the guys hold me firm pulling my legs so wide apart - I feel a finger or two slip inside my arse and I'm screaming and squirting buckets all over the floor. This guy is so proud he made me squirt. He kisses me hard and then just leaves to start on the next woman. But I'm still there legs held firmly wide apart, my epxosed tits red and wildy sensitve from being grabbed by spectators while I was being fisted, my dripping wet pussy gaping and screaming to be filled. And a crowd of horny people - well the guys holding my legs turn to Andy to check he's ok with them playing with me and they start on me - I was so crazy with the power of the orgasms I didn't know who was doing what or even how may people there were fingering my arse and my pussy, sucking and pinching my nipples, but I squirted and squirted everywhere. I was in complete ecstacy it was like a wild fantasy coming true. Eventually they put me down and I almost collapsed in a heap on the floor - my pussy is so stretched and swollen. I'm sweaty and dishevelled, my make up's smudged, my hair messed up - Andy's got so horny he immediately pulled my hair up so my mouth's round his rock hard cock and he fucks my mouth hard until he fills it up with cum. I savour swallowing it but allow a little to dibble out down my chin - my slut look is coomplete and back in the bar everyone can tell how easy I am and we get plenty of offers and fun for the rest of the night.

Well there for now are some snippets of our club experiences, I hope you enjoyed them. There are of course plenty more but that's it for now. If you've enjoyed reading please leave a comment or maybe follow it. Thanks.