Written by Sandy_f64

24 Oct 2009

It was the usual Thursday night for me, don\'t normally meet up with the girlfriend till the weekend, it\'s a long story lol! Anyway i had spent the night shaving my cock and ass and was reading some stories from this site whilst i slowly pushed a nice thick vibrator up my butt. I love doing this especially when i place it on a small table and lower myself up and down on it. My mind was elsewhere and was just enjoying the moment when a cough at the door broke the silence.

Fuck! I shouted as i looked up to see that a man was standing at the door with a parcel for the neighbour. I\'d forgotten to lock the bloody door and here i was stuck on a vibrator with a hard clean shaven cock in my hand. I got such a fright that the whole dildo nearly popped up my ass. He just said could you give this to my aunt who lives next door, i stammered and said no worries and went to explain, and he just put his hand to his lips and said don\'t worry i understand.

I stood up and the dildo hit the floor, nice(Not) i apologised and said it\'s embarrassing, he closed the door and walked over grabbing my cock firmly but gently and said its okay. I never thought of myself as bi or anything else just liked fucking my ass but deep down i knew this would happen one day. I tried to smile and be cool and all along this man was holding my thick erect cock!!! I\'m Sandy i said and he said i\'m Pete. That seemed to break the ice and i let my hands move to the front of his trousers and started to massage his hardening cock.

He moaned and leaned forward and kissed me hard i felt his tongue touch my lips and i opened my mouth and let him in. It was awesome and we snogged for about 5 min\'s. When he pulled away i told him i\'ve never been with a man before.

This was his tell me it\'s alright and he would break me in. Touch my cock, i wanted to do this, i had read about this moment so many times. I bent down undid his jeans and pulled out his thick about 6inch long cock. I kept eye contact with him and smiled as i ran my tongue over his bell end before slowly sucking on his head. It felt great i knew i couldn\'t deep throat him as i had never had cock before. So i just sucked on his helmet and kept looking into his eyes.

I pulled his foreskin back and forth and felt his heavy sack. Will you fuck me i whispered, he just nodded and lifted me up kissed me again and asked me to lie on the bed. I was so submissive as i lay down and opened my legs for him to see my glistening bud in all it\'s glory! It was well greased and open for his cock. He leaned over and kissed me on the neck and using his hand he circled his cock around my sweet little bud just teasing me, i curled my legs around his waist and shifted down giving him better penetration. Pulling him closer i felt his cock nudge my hole and slide in. Be gentle with me i whispered again feeling so feminine. He slid in and started a nice rhythm, my hands moved round to his ass and kept him tight and close asking him like a little girl to fill me up. The feeling was amazing better than i could ever imagine. His breathing got heavier and his balls were slapping of my ass as his cock kept slamming in.

I dug my nails into his butt and felt him slam in and stay there as shot after shot of his cum filled my well fucked hole. He lay still in me breathing and gasping calling me his girl. I asked him to pull out and let me clean up his cock, sliding it out i felt the air rush in and the sticky of his love sperm trickle out. I sucked his softening tool and looked more into his eyes thanking him for fucking me.

I said that was great and he asked if we could meet again, i told him i would think about it but he must not tell anyone. He just smiled and said that would depend on how good i was. Then with a smile and wave he left me, lying in my room with his spunk on my legs and a feeling of emptiness in my ass. I\'m sure there will be more to come, or do you think i need more training??