Written by Sandy_f64

27 Oct 2009

After my last experience i thought you would want to know some more, was out on Monday afternoon doing my shopping when i felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Pete! What you buying he asked, i got a bit aggressive and told him it was nothing to do with him. He just looked at me and said it was everything to do with him unless i want the whole village to know what i was doing in my spare time. I just went quiet and he told me to follow him, we went upstairs to the clothing section and he took down a pack of lady's white thongs, these will fit you he announced, then walking over to the tights he popped a packet off stockings in the bag as well.

Right he said slapping my butt you buy them, and remember i'll be watching to make sure you do. So forgetting about the rest of my own shopping, i just wanted out! I went up to the counter and paid for my items and quickly left. Returned to my house closed the door and felt relieved that i got home and that he hadn't followed me.

It was later on that night when the door bell went, i opened it to see quite a physical large man standing at the door, he was well over six foot and coloured. I said hello and asked if i could help, he said his name was Darryl and that Pete had sent him over, what do you want i asked holding the door tight. He just pushed past me and said you'd best close the door. I asked him to get out but he just leaned past me and pushed the door shut! What have you got on he asked, what do you mean, at this point he just leaned over grabbed my jeans and had a look down the front. That's nice to see he said!

I have to confess that once i had got over the shock of meeting Pete earlier that my curiosity had got the better of me and i had tried on the thong and stockings. Pete said that i was to show you a few things, then he grabbed me and pulled me into his arms. I struggled but he was too strong. His hands were running down my back and squeezing my butt and his mouth was forcing itself on to mine. I couldn't resist and we fell into a passionate kiss our tongues exploring each other, i felt his attitude drop as i became more submissive. He undid my belt and my jeans fell to the floor. My cock was beginning to harden as i stepped out of my jeans.

He moved his hand over my cock and broke away from our kiss. Then dropping to his knees he took my cock into his mouth and started sucking me with big long slurping strokes, his rhythm was slow but strong and i felt totally at ease as my hands held his head and let this magical man give me the best blow job i've ever had. I got a glimpse of Darryl sucking my cock in the mirror and sight of my white cock going in his mouth was enough to make me empty my load. I shouted that i was cumming and he just started to suck harder on to my cock as surge after surge of hot cum emptied in to his mouth. That was fucking fantastic i gasped! He stood up and kissed me letting some of my hot cum dribble into my mouth. It was a pleasure and i thanked him.

He smiled back and said that i should get his cock out as it was needing some attention. Well i dropped to my knees and unleashed the biggest cock i've ever seen, giving out a shriek i sank my lips onto it and staring into his eyes i licked and sucked his glistening tip of this wonderful tool like a small girl on a lollipop. That's nice he kept saying, and you are a nice little bitch aren't you? i kept nodding and sucking and wanting to please my lover.

After awhile Darryl lifted me up and carried me to the bed where using his strength he sat me on the bed and started teasing my little bud with his fingers. Have you any lube he asked? In the drawer i said pointing, Darryl leaned over and i turned round offering him my bud to lube up for his cock. Darryl was wonderful he worked his fingers in starting with one and building up to three, i gasped and pushed hard against his hand. All the while i was moaning and wanting him.

He rolled on to his back and asked me to straddle him, i could feel his hand controlling his cock as it circled my bud before resting on my wet hole. Ride me he said, i lowered my butt down his shaft, slowly and stopping every so often cos he was huge!! Then when i felt my ass touch his lap i started to ride him slowly at first but deep. Darryl was moaning and i felt so lucky to have this. I was screaming for him to fill me.

But Darryl was good and knew i needed a good fucking. his hands were on my butt controlling my rhythm, i arched my back and placed my hands on his thighs, fuck this was heaven. I felt for his balls and squeezed and looking straight into his i eyes i begged for his seed. Please fill me Please fill me i chanted over and over, then with a massive grunt i felt it. Hard at first then pulsing as load after load filled me. I shuddered feeling an anal explosion inside me. Then i just grinded my ass on him till he started to go limp.

Sliding off i performed my last little duty by licking him clean and thanking him for fucking me, when can i see you again i pleaded, we'll see came the reply and just like Pete the other day he was up and away leaving me feeling empty and needing more. I can't wait!!!!!!