Written by Chunkyandspunky

30 Apr 2010

So following on, there I was, my wifes pussy moments away from my mouth, "Go on, please lick me" she pleaded, she was desperate for my tongue to part her lips, but because of what I had seen earlier I was holding back, aprehensive as to what I might be tasting.

"Please" she pleaded, pushing her pink, clean shaven pussy, onto my mouth, and then grinding down hard on my lips, that was it, she didn`t need to ask again, caught up in the moment I licked for all I was worth.

I didn`t care that I may get a taste of another mans cum, even though I can`t imagine what it tastes like

She had been naughty and I was going to punish her.

I reached up for her nipples and squeezed them really hard, at the same time I freed my mouth and told her she was a dirty girl.

On hearing this she pushed her wet pussy back to my mouth, "Oh I am, I am, I`m such a slut" she laughed.

I licked and probed her pussy until my tongue ached, if there was spunk in there it was now well mixed with her own juice, that was oozing from her.

Images of her being ravaged by the alarm guy flipped into my head, and my cock stiffened again, I decided to push my luck and my tongue further, squeezing her breasts I pushed her body up so I could again free my head from between her legs, well here goes I thought.

"Hey" I said "Hold on a minute, I can taste cum in your pussy, what have you been up to today". I was out for a reaction, I didn`t quite know what sort I would get, would I go too far and alert her to what I had seen.

She aimed her love hole back at my face and stunned me with an answer "Yes I`ve been a really bad girl, lick all that nasty mans cum out of me" I could see her pussy was twitching as if she was trying herself to push it out.

All that time of asking her to fuck another cock, all the time she refused but now she had gone and done it, and I had seen her. The power of knowing that she didn`t know what I knew was an amazing turn on.

She must have thought I was playing one of our fantasy games and obviously having another mans cock earlier was heightening her moment, I was not about to pass up the opportunity.

My balls were bursting, I wanted to have this slut now, but I also wanted to know more, how much could I get her to divulge without her suspecting anything. I pushed her off me and over onto her back, her eyes were closed and I kissed her lips before moving down her neck to her nipples, they were stcking out, all red and hard.

"Have you shown someone your titties today" I asked, moving my hand down to finger her slutty hole.

"That`s what you wanted wasn`t it, me to be naughty and let a stranger do me like I was a tart" was the reply.

Thats exactly what I did want, "Tell me more" I desperatly asked "How Dirty have you really been". I proceded to tongue her nipples and stroke her swollen clitty.

"I let him put his hand in my bra and squeeze my titties" she said quietly, her eyes still closed, she must have been reliving the moment, I rubbed her pussy a little harder and she started to pant and moan.

"Did you not want him to feel them" I asked, "No" she said " They are just for you, but he started kissing my neck and telling me what he wanted to do to me, it felt naughty but nice and it felt dangerous".

She has never talked like this before when we are doing it and I was worried what had stirred inside her, she stopped for a moment "I do love you, you know" she said.

"I love you" I replied "I love you being a naughty girl too, what else did you get up to"

I think she was looking for reasurance when she said she loved me, the fantasy game was over, I was going to get the full story right from the naughty sluts mouth.

"I know you want to see me with another man" she said "You have been asking me long enough, well the other day at work, things were a bit slow so I went into the canteen for a drink and when I sat down I noticed a porn mag on one of the seats, one of our drivers must have left it after his break. I couldn`t take my eyes of it, I felt relly turned on for some reason".

I moved my hand from her pussy and we cuddled together "Go on" I said.

"Well I`ve never felt like that at work, I didn`t understand it, I put my folders on top of this book so I could pick it up without the tea lady seeing and I brought it back into my office".

"Did you read it" I asked. "No, the phone rang and I got back to doing my work, it wasn`t until this morning that I noticed it among those papers that I had brought home, when you went to work I decided to have a look through it. I was reading one of the stories when the Alarm man knocked the door, you know the ones that are spread over two or three pages, anyway I let him get set up and made us a coffee".

I could see right where this was leading, my dick was starting to grow and it brushed her leg as it stiffend.

"Oooh whats that" she giggled and moved her hand down to wank me gently.

"Go on, go on tell me" I panted

"Well I did him a drink too, called him and went back to reading, I was so engrossed in this story, it was about a guy who had set his wife up to be screwed by his mate and he was filming and watching her, just like you want to do with me you dirty bastard" at that she held my dick tight and wanked it hard pulling my foreskin right back.

"Ouch, careful you`ll break it" she smiled "so what next" I eagerly asked.

"Well what do you think, he came in for his drink and caught me, he saw the book and sat next to me, he flicked over a couple of pages and then squeezed my boobs through my blouse, he told me I didn`t need to read about it as I could have the real thing".

She was starting to wank me faster now, "So" I said.

"I was shocked but turned on" she said, "he reached towards me, undid my buttons and eased my breasts from my bra, he then took a nipple between his finger and thumb and squeezed. I felt my pussy get really wet, he said I had nice tits and he was going to bend me over and screw me hard".

"I bet you wanted him to take you there and then" I said, my cock was throbbing in time with each of my heartbeats and I could feel my balls tingleing, I was near to cumming.

"I wasn`t sure" she said "I was turned on but it felt wrong, he put his other hand up my skirt and felt over my stocking tops, he stopped for a moment, he must have been suprised at me wearing them. He said I was a naughty tart and he was going to fill me with his cum".

"What did you think to that" I said to her."I dont know, it was what you wanted me to do but, I`ve only ever had your cock for twenty five years. I told him we couldn`t have sex but that story had made me horny, so I reached forward, freed his hard cock from his overalls and began to wank him, I needed time to think straight, I`ve not done this before, I`m a good girl usually".

"So did he like you giving him a good wank then" I asked

"Dont you" she answered, "Oh yeah, you could wank for England, I`m also close to cumming" I informed her.

"So was he" she said

"Where did he shoot" I asked

"I`ll show you" and with that she moved down a took my shaft in her mouth, just as my dick exploded, she looked at me and winked.

"You bitch" I hissed "you dirty slut" she just looked at me whilst swallowing my cream.

She continued sucking and flicking my helmet with her tongue until it started to harden, I told you she was good at giving head.

"Mmmmm, what did you do next" I asked

"Fuck me with your cock you bastard and I`ll tell you" she answered. We changed position so my dick was pointing straight at her sodden pussy.

"You are such a perv" she said in a sort of pretend angry voice, "Wanting me to fuck, you just want to make me a fuck slut".

She reached round, grabbed my ass and impalled herself on my cock, she was so wet it never touched the velvet walls of her pussy.

"Did you get a good shagging from him then" I managed to gasp out.

She looked straight into my eyes and said "Oh later I did, and I felt every inch of his shaft pushing into my unprotected pussy"......