Written by steve45588

25 Apr 2014

Vikki was my mate's ex. They're a couple of years younger than me and had been together when they were at school, she was a waitress at our local while we were all in our teens and early twenties so she was always part of the scene. Vikki was a dumpy little thing, short dark bobbed hair, no figure, and flabby little boobs but she was lovely and a hell of a fighter. All Vikki ever wanted to be was a teacher but life had dealt her a rough hand. First she failed her A-levels, then her dad drank most of the money she'd saved up for uni. Eventually by sheer hard graft she got on a course, working part time to pay for digs and living expenses. Then her mum and dad split up, her mum moved away and left her and her sister to run after their pissed-up dad getting him out of one booze-fuelled scrape after another.

She and my mate (Keith) eventually split up but we all stayed mates and even went out on the piss together from time to time. One night we were all in town, Vikki was drinking hard and to our shame we left her chatting to some lad while we concentrated on chatting up a couple of milfs (not that that particular term had been invented yet). Come home time there was no sign of Vikki so we bundled the proto-milfs into a cab and set off. Keith got to spend the night with his, all I got off mine was a blowjob and a feel of her middle-aged tits before she tottered off to hubby fixing her lippy and checking she hadn't got spunk in her bubble perm.

The next afternoon I was round at Vikki's, she had asked me to call in and read through some coursework for her as this particular subject was outside her comfort zone. She looked rough, still in her dressing gown, no makeup, hair in a state and clearly hung over. I set to and read through her assignment, by the time I was finished it was tea time. I handed it back and asked if she was ok. Her answer surprised me.

"I fucked that lad you know".

"Really ? Who was he ?"

"No idea. He fucked me on the library steps then walked me back to the taxi rank".

"Fucking hell Vik".

The library steps were a well known town centre fucking spot. Dark, reeking of piss and usually well scattered with broken glass, they were out of site of the CCTV cameras so anyone short-cutting through there after closing was usually treated to the sight of a pissed local slapper or two getting drilled over a railing or up against the wall.

"It's ok, I had some condoms"

"For fucks sake Vik, you've no idea who he was"

"No, I don't usually"

"What do you mean 'usually'?"

"I just fuck them and go home. I used to bring them back here but I'd get bored and tell them to fuck off in the middle of the night. They weren't always cool about that"

"They ? How many ?"

"Fuck knows. One or two a week for the last six months ? I did three in one night once"

"Jesus Christ"

"I know, I'm a slut. You're ashamed of me"

"I'm not ashamed Vik, I'm worried. There are some fucking nutters out there"

"I know but I just want some cock. The more I get the more I want".

"FFS, if you're that desperate just ring Keith. He'll fuck you again in a heartbeat"

"Yes, but he's lovely and I don't want him to know I'm a worthless piece of shit".

She started to cry. I was genuinely worried, this was totally out of character for her and it sounded as though it was getting dangerous. I put my arm round her and gave her a huge hug. Then she completely floored me.

"Fuck me"

"Vik, this is a 'oh my god my mate is in trouble' hug, not a chance to feel you up hug"

"I know, but I want a fuck"


"If you don't, I'm going to get dressed, get the bus in and fuck the first lad who buys me a drink".

"No. Lets just get a pizza and a vid and stop fucking about"

She stood up, took the dressing gown off, pulled off her knickers and sat down on the floor leaning back on her elbows, legs spread wide. Her flabby tits were wobbling slightly and her bald cunt was staring straight at me. "Someone's cock is going in here tonight, it might as well be yours".

What should I do ? She was my mate's ex, she was probably depressed, at the end of her tether, desperate for attention and clearly not thinking rationally. I was as hard as fuck but I knew that if I weakened and took what was offered it would alter the basis of our friendship forever in ways I could not predict.

That thought stayed with me for the next few minutes, right up until the point where her back arched and I simultaneously shot my load deep inside her cunt. It was still niggling at me as I sat on her flabby tits, stuffed my sloppy cock in her mouth and fingered her soaking pussy until she came again and again while she cleaned me up. It had largely subsided by the morning but by that time I had fucked her four times and neither of us were awake enough for deep thinking.