Written by mrsgoggins

3 Oct 2007

My husband, B, and I have enjoyed swapping with J and his wife a number of times over the years. J is always trying to turn the conversation round to sex, and especially threesomes, but had never followed through with any action. One evening last summer, he came to stay overnight on his own (he was working with B the next day) and I decided to call his bluff.

He\'d just sat down on the patio with a beer and I went and straddled his lap. As I sat down I gave him a nice warm kiss and he responded willingly. I was only wearing a dress, and B, knowing this, obligingly lifted and removed it revealing my nakedness to J. If he was surprised, he recovered quickly and took one of my raspberry nipples into his mouth and sucked it voraciously. He eased back the waistband of his shorts and his beautiful erection sprang free. I cannot resist sucking a hard shiny knob so I moved back and down to take it into my welcoming mouth. He groaned and thrust up which I took to be encouragement, and so I rose to sit astride him, my cunt already wet and inviting. B, by this time had his own erection in hand and as he brought it towards my now-vacant mouth, I eagerly sucked him in. J guided my hips up and down and I was spitroasted for the first time. I cannot recommend it enough!

By now we were all in a state of frenzy and decided to go indoors where we could all lie down in comfort. I was blindfolded and a cock was pushed into my eager mouth. Whose? Later inspection of the photos revealed it to be J\'s, but then B and J knelt either side of me and I alternated my oral ministrations until they became frantic to fuck. Blindfold off, I impaled myself on B\'s rampant penis and J began to touch my arse. He must have found some lubricant, because the next thing I knew, he was thrusting his rock-hard member into me. It felt fantastic! As J thrust, B withdrew and vice versa. It was almost as if they had \'worked\' together before. How they lasted more than a few seconds, I don\'t know. My cunt was soaked and I felt like the luckiest girl alive! When we\'d all finished, J and I showered together, then B, and then we began again. But that\'s another story for another day...