14 Sep 2018

I am staying in a remote lodge in Borneo and just for fun switched on a swingers site to see if anyone was near. Imagine my surprise to find a couple listed as within 1/4 mile looking for bi-male. It gave ages as M(62) and F(44) but no photos. I sent a message and started checking out guests. There was only one couple that fitted so I sat near them and checked them out.

They were Australian and she was quite attractive, plump and with large tits.

I smiled at them a couple of times and saw the guy check his phone. I got up to go the toilet and by the time he followed me in I was erect and stroking. He smiles and said I got your message. Lyn is shy about a meeting and it will be our first but I have been showing her a lot of porn and she gets turned on by MMF, especially if the men suck each other’s cocks.

By this time his cock was also out and getting hard so I bent forward and took it into my mouth. Oh yes, he said, she doesn’t know that I am Bi so this could be a good time to show her but she will need a few more glasses of wine first.

We went back together and this time I sat next to them. Jim nodded to Lyn and she gave a nervous smile. We chatted and drank some more then Jim said let’s go to our room and get comfortable. Lyn said let me go up first while you 2 guys chat and Jim tells you the rules. The rules were that we had to suck each other’s cocks and I couldn’t fuck Lyn unless she asked me to do so. Once in their room we found Lyn in just underwear and Jim started snogging Lyn and nodded to me to get behind her and play with her tits. It wasn’t long before we 3 were naked and Jim and I played with her tits and pussy.

While Lyn played with my cock I took Jim into my mouth and sucked him for a few minutes then he started to fuck Lyn so I stood over her head so Jim could suck my cock while fucking Lyn. He had told me that Lyn liked the taste of cum so I shot off a load into his mouth. He didn’t swallow but kissed Lyn so they could cum swap. This was so horny and Jim shot off into her cunt. I got him to move away so that I could lick her out then took a mouthful of their combined juices into my mouth and kissed Lyn so that we could share the taste.

While I was doing this Jim was sucking my cock back to hardness- I want John to fuck me gasped Lyn. As soon as she said that I plunged into her very wet cunt and this time it was my turn to suck Jim while fucking Lyn. Afterwards Lyn said it was the most exciting sex she had ever had and wished I lived near them instead of the UK.