Written by Janet

15 Oct 2016

Hi there! I'm Janet, a 38yo woman, married 6 years now. I am a redhead, size 10-12 depending on where I shop. My best features - still pert 34D breasts which have large, erect nipples when aroused, a curvy body shape and firm bottom. I 'maintain' a neat pussy although I would prefer to be smooth down there!! However, hubby is wild about my fiery red pubes so I do some regular 'gardening' to keep my red bush neatly trimmed.

I met my husband when I was 31 and at that time I was still a virgin. I had a couple of boyfriends before my husband came along but there wasn't any sex. That all changed when hubby, Rob came along and by the end of our 3rd date he had taken my virginity! My first sexual experience at the age of 31 - quite late compared to many. However, it was the spark that lit the flame and over the following 6 months sex was a very regular feature of my life.

Hubby has a lovely thick 7" cock which succumbs to strong, powerful and lengthy ejaculations and the release of a quite shocking amount of semen. Shortly after losing my virginity to him, I went on the pill. Seeing all that spunk in the condoms and on my tits and pussy, when he sometimes pulled out and yanked off the condom, really excited me and I really wanted to feel it flood my vagina.

That 6 months from losing my virginity was indeed like making up for such a late introduction to sex. We both had an insatiable appetite for it but he especially couldn't get enough. Due to work commitments we only met up at weekends and 1 or 2 nights during the working week but we had the most intense sex every time. From just the odd kiss and grope in my teens and 20s, to all out sex at 31, my life had changed and all I could think about was having sex with Rob. We were having sex every time we met and it would last for hours. Rob had (and still has) a lot of energy and he would fuck me at least 5 times each day or night that we met up. There were quite a few memorable sessions when we spent the whole weekend having sex, screwing each other all over my apartment - in the bath, shower, on the sofa, the kitchen table, up against the wall and in bed of course. We discovered early on in our relationship that he could recover quickly and could climax heavily and repeatedly - an unexpected and surprising delight for me as I crave his spunk and yearn to have his sperm fill my willing pussy. Indeed on many occasions his explosive cumshots inside my vagina bring me to a shattering orgasm. During one particularly memorable weekend I got fucked over 30 times! I succumbed to many orgasms and my womb was well stocked with sperm. On returning to work I needed a few trips the bathroom to change my knickers, such was the reservoir of spunk he had deposited inside me!

Shortly after I turned 32 we married and continued having great sex. However, Rob became increasingly daring and he talked me into having sex outdoors. Although nervous about getting caught, I reluctantly agreed to it. Sometimes we plan it and sometimes it is just spontaneous. Although still nervous, the latter unplanned, unexpected sex really excites me and I usually succumb to quite violent orgasms, resulting in my pussy squirting sex fluids all over the place. He has screwed me in forest parks, on beaches, in hotel toilets, changing rooms in large stores and once in a hotel sauna just before closing!

About 4 years ago, he shocked me with a suggestion - basically, because I had only ever had sex with him, he wanted me to experience it with another man. He wanted to share me -either by having a threesome with him and another man or by meeting with and befriending a stranger, after which he would arrange a hotel for us - he would drop me off and I would meet up with the chosen guy, who would spend the night fucking me until Rob came to collect me in the morning! I was utterly shocked and refused to consider the suggestion. That was 4 years ago and I have still more to tell. Till next time, Janet x