Written by Janet

20 Oct 2016

Hello again, Janet, a 38yo redhead wife back to share with you more of my sex life. Thanks for comments - hearthammer glad u like fiery redheads - hope you like it hairy too!? And Spunkymark u sound interesting - I presume your title tells all! Last time I shared with you my first sexual experiences - all with my eventual hubby Rob, who also took my virginity. Maybe not so unexpected as the title suggests - more unexpected for me in terms of his insatiable appetite for sex and the number of times he gives it to me (which I love)! Of course he still goes on about sharing me with another man, something I have flatly refused...but if he only knew...maybe best he doesn't know though.

Anyway, the 'unexpected' in the title of my posts will now be more apparent in this and following posts! This first one happened almost 4 years ago. It started early one Monday morning around 6am when Rob became amorous. We were kissing and fooling around and eventually he went down on me, pushing his face into my red pubes and licking my pussy to a climax. Unfortunately it stopped there - the phone rang and he was needed in work. I was well annoyed - given my state of arousal, I needed to be satisfied, but it was an urgent call.

So he left for work leaving me playing with myself in bed. Then I remembered my sex toy which he had bought me the previous Christmas. It's a vibrating dildo with a twist - but it doesn't revolve!! It is on a base which is flat at the bottom with suction cups to keep it steady on a hard floor like tiles or wood. The 'twist' I refer to...well that's a little button at the front. So basically I ride the 6 inch dildo and at a suitable point (on the verge of climaxing) I press that little button - the naughty cock shoots its fake cum up my vagina and my orgasm takes over!

So there I am at 8.00am preparing the fake cum to load the dildo. I'm more or less ready and move back into the bedroom. PJs are discarded, knickers removed and I'm naked and ready to screw that dildo and have it fill me with its 'spunky' contents. Then the doorbell rings - more frustration as our tiler arrives to work on our bathroom! I grab my dressing gown and head downstairs to let him in. A few minutes later he is happily working away in the bathroom doing the tiling. But my mind is on the dildo - after the earlier oral sex with Rob all I could think of was riding that dildo and having it squirt inside me!

Ok, so I go back into the bedroom and remove my dressing gown. I closed the bedroom door and kneeled astride the dildo, slowly taking all 6 inches into my pussy. I began to ride it, moving up and down on it slowly until I was well soaked between the legs. Then I started to writhe and grind back and forth over it and after about 5 minutes my orgasm was building. I squeezed my breasts and was reaching a wonderful state of ecstasy when suddenly there was a knock at the door. I couldn't stop and kept riding hard and fast. I began to moan and cried out 'hold on' but it was too late - the tiler walked straight in on me just as I came. I fell forward and let the dildo slip out of my pussy in an attempt to grab my dressing gown. I managed to cover my front but he would have seen my bare bottom and back...and no doubt the dildo springing out of my spasming vagina. I was breathing hard while he was silent - nothing was said and he turned and left my bedroom. I closed the door and began rummaging around for clothes to wear. But within a minute he was back...and naked except for his boxers which were poking out as a consequence of a developing erection. He came right over to me and yanked down my dressing gown, putting his hand on my damp pussy. I struggled to break free from his hold, telling him that my husband would be back soon and that I wanted him to stop. However, he just kept on pressing my clit and fingering my pussy until the inevitable happened - yes, I reached my second orgasm in a matter of minutes.

This really excited him and he instantly threw me onto the bed and pulled off his boxer shorts. I had no time to escape as he climbed between my legs, his now hard cock pressing down on my hairy pubic mound. I grab his arms in an attempt to push him off me but he was too strong. Very quickly I could feel his cock slip down towards my wet sex hole. He gave a firm thrust and I cried as his cock entered me. Again I cried for him to stop but he just pushed his stiff shaft deeper inside me. Then my orgasm returned and I found myself grabbing his muscular buttocks and pulling him in further. He told me to relax and began to fuck me. It was heady, frantic sex as he lay on top of me thrusting hard, deep and fast. I was noisy throughout as he brought about several intense climaxes in me. And so it continued like this for a good 20 minutes. Earlier in our marital bed, my husband had brought me to an orgasm and now a complete stranger was fucking me in our bed and I was succumbing to many orgasms as a result of his very hard shaft and his vigorous action.

As I approached another wonderful climax, he began to breathe more rapidly. His gasps became louder and more frequent. I knew he was close to his own climax and could feel his hard member throbbing inside me. Then suddenly he began to groan loudly as he continued to fuck me hard. He cried out several times saying 'it's cumming' then his last shouts of 'I'm going to cum in you' and on that note I immediately cried 'oh fuck me, just fuck me'. At that point I came and seconds later I felt the hotness of his semen as his cock gushed inside me. I screamed in ecstasy and clung to his tensed buttocks while his cock pumped his sperm into my sex tunnel. Finally it was over and he pulled out of me and got dressed. He finished the tiling while I slept in bed - it had only been a 20 minute fuck but he had done me good and my pussy was saturated with his sticky load. I did not intend it to happen, I didn't expect it - my naughty dildo certainly has a lot to answer for but in the end I got laid by a real cock, with real sperm shot up me and the naughty dildo didn't get to spunk me that day!!

Later that evening when Rob returned I felt quite a lot of guilt. However, at the same time I felt so naughty, having another guy fucking me while Rob was at work - not only that but letting him shoot his sperm up me. I felt so horny that night and we ended up having great sex, resulting in several deposits of Rob's sperm getting added to the mix. Just as well I was on the pill during those days!!

Anyway, that's enough for now - my pussy is damp just writing this and with Rob away with work I think my naughty dildo will need to make an appearance (although it is too late to make up some fake spunk). Till next time, luv Janet x