Written by SuperDave

2 Jul 2014

After the floods last winter, we had a couple of our friends stay over with us for a few months. Their house had been flooded and they were really stuck, so we let them have the spare room and the garage for the salvageable belongings.

Anyway, Celeste and I have always got on well with Tony and Julie and so it wasn't really a chore, just a nice diversion. One Saturday night after a visit to the local, we all came back to the house a little worse for wear. Tony immediately disappeared to bed and Celeste and I sat on one sofa and Julie sat on the one opposite, watching tv and dozing. Celeste got up and announced she was going to shower before bed. I went to make Julie and I a coffee, which I brought back in.

Now, to describe Julie is not difficult, she is a petite, 42 year old blonde, with a fantastic figure. Slim in all the best places and with an absolutely beautiful looking pair and a lovely pert little arse. She also loves wearing revealing clothes.

I came back in with a mug of coffee each. Julie was asleep with her head lolling towards the tv. From where I stood it was obvious that she had no bra on and her angle was giving me a great view of her pert pink nipples. Instead of using the other sofa, I sat next to her and gently nudged her with my hip, in the hope of getting a better view. She didn't make a sound but leaned closer to me, so that after a couple of minutes I had managed to position her top perfectly to gape forward, showing both breasts perfectly. By this time I had a raging hard on and all sorts of thoughts going through my head. She stirred a little and to my disappointment, woke somewhat and stretched before taking her coffee and drinking it.

She then looked down at the bulge in my trousers, leaned forwards, resting her hand squarely on my cock and kissed me on the cheek, smiled and said, "I'd better go to bed before I properly wake up!" and with that she left the room.

I was disappointed but, quite happy all the same!