Written by rustynuts

7 Feb 2011

I thought after all these years of keeping my sexual exploits to myself it is time to share.

Now, I am no stud, but I have always got on well with women. I am quite small in the trouser department, around 5 inches, but its thicker than it is long.

My first story is about my very first sexual experience. As an 18 year old I got a job in a warehouse. Poorly paid but better than nothing.

I had a sheltered upbringing, and the furthest I had home up to this point was a kiss and a feel of tit through a top. Of course I had wanked a lot and enjoyed it.

I had worked at the warehouse for about 2 months when a woman of around 40 started work on the admin department. It was a hot day as I recall and I wore shorts and t shirt. Half way through the morning the new admin woman came through the area I was working in and looked toward me. She said quietly "fancy a quickie?". I tried to ignore her and justp smiled. At this she took my hand and led me to the ladies toilet. She pushed down my shorts, wanked me gently until I was rock hard, turned her back on me, hitched up the long skirt she was wearing and guided my short but rigid cock into her.

Well, it was too much and I shot right up her after only a few seconds. She stood still until I slid out, turned to me and bent down to suck me clean and smiled as she left.

I know this is quite tame but it is a true account of my first fuck, and I have many more stories from the last 30 years I can share if you like.