Written by Nikk1

6 Apr 2007

Tami and I have been fooling around masturbating each other and doing each other orally for a while now. Today she pulled me aside and told me she wanted me to eat her out. So we went to lunch together. We went to a small motel down the road and I paid for an hour. Once in the room she immediately pulled her clothes off and laid on the bed, spread her legs and told me to get to licking. She was already wet and creamy, and I had a feast. And she was tasting like something else too.

I ate and fingered her pussy until she came three times. I licked my fingers clean, and gave her pussy one last slurp. She rose up and gave me a big kiss and licked my face to get her juices. Then she told me her husband had fucked her that morning and she thought it would be hot to have me eat her out and clean her up. No problem for me, I've eaten my own cum and geez, I was after pussy so what's a little cum when I was getting really good pussy?

I got up and Tami undid my slacks and pulled my underpants down. She took a hold of my cock and stroked me until I was hard, then she took me in her mouth for a bit. She stopped and told me to lay down, and then she lay between my legs and sucked on me. Tami really likes to suck cock, she likes the control it gives her. She licks up and down the shaft, sucking my balls on the way down, then slowly working her way up and teases the head, then slowly bobs up and down the length of me. She can take almost the full length of my cock in, but I really like it better when she works on the head and slides up mouth up and down on me, rolling her tongue around on the head.

Tami stopped sucking on me and surprised me, she climbed up on top of me and slid her pussy up and down my cock, not inside her, but all along her slit. She told me I still couldn’t fuck her, but this would flavor my cock up for her and besides, we would get hot doing it. I had no complaints.

She worked her hips sliding up and down on my cock, sometimes grinding her hips in a circular motion. She was very wet and while not as good as fucking, it worked for me! Tami stopped after a minute and slid down me and took me back in her mouth, and then slid back up on top of me. She leaned forward and kissed me, then we lay there grinding our crotches together.

She repeated the grind on me and then suck on me cycle a couple times. Then she went to work grinding on me hard, and she came again, and that triggered me off, I came in spurts against her pussy and against our stomachs. When I finished cumming, Tami swung around and we got into a 69 to clean each other up. My cum tasted pretty good when seasoned with Tami’s pussy juice and her husband's cum! When we were done licking each other, we went and showered and headed back to the office. Never did get lunch.