Written by Marcus

3 Jul 2015

We have been married for 6 years and having had a very active sex life, marriage and kids dried this up. My wife is petite, 5ft 2, slim legs and body with amazing natural firm 34d breasts. These look even larger on her as she has a small frame.

Having visited many porn sites I took a bit of an interest to sexual massages.

Sarah, my wife, & I have never swung or anything like that, only sex on the beach whilst we were on a nudist beach in Greece.

I found this trantic massage place that taught couples to rekindle their sexual energy through massage so I presented the idea to Sarah, both not really knowing what to really expect. We thought it was more about thoery and techniques that we could learn to practice back at home. On this Sarah agreed.

When we arrived we were greeted by a Dave an oldish man in his 50ish, dressed in a flowing gown and rather hippy looking. He was very pleasant and put us at ease.

We were told to shower, to wash off the out side world stress!, and dress in these kind of flimsy sheets, large towel size really. I wrapped mine around my waist and Sarah's just above her boobs, like if she had come out the bath. They were so light it felt like we had nothing on.

When we re entered the room which was now darken but with candles, we had to sit down on the floor in a circle with him and he starting talking to us about massage and relaxation. We told him why we were there. He made us feel at ease and was a really nice guy. He explained many couples came to him for the same reason and that we should just relax and let our inhibitions go and enjoy the experience, what ever that meant...

After doing some breathing technique and some "humming" he said it was time to start.

He asked my wife to lay front down the table, we both looked at each other nothing knowing what to expect and we both nodded at each other with what the heck expressions.

He removed his gown and was wear a sheet towel like mine around his waist, he was fairly built but his age did show.

My role was to watch his hands and copy when we said.

He then unwrapped Sarah who was now naked on the table, and he started massaging her back with warm oil. This was a strange sight seeing your wife naked whilst been massaged by an other man and I started to feel aroused.

This went on for a while and then he moved down to her bottom and thigh. He gentle opened her legs slightly and started stroking her from the bottom of her foot all the way to her inner thigh, I saw her twitch a couple of times. He then told me to follow doing the other leg. At the top of each stroke his thumb clipped her pussy, so I copied, she was starting to get wet. My erection was been held down by the sheet I was wearing, all I wanted to do was jump on the table and fuck her right there.

Sarah was asked to turn over onto her back, everything on full view. Her eyes were closed.

I couldn't believe what was happening a strange man was now massaging my wifes boobs with oil right in front of me. Her shaven pussy was on full view and I couldn't even touch it, I was like a spare part. I was now rock hard.

He then raised both her knees and place the flats of her feet together and gently pushed her knees onto the table in a kind of diamond shape, now her pussy was free with the her lips slighty parted.

He oiled her inner thighs going slowly towards her exposed pussy with both hands. He asked me to swap places, so he was by her feet (the end of the table) and I was in the middle. When I passed him he grab my sheet letting it fall to the floor, I was now naked sporting a massive hard on, he grabbed hold of my cock and just squeezed it hard whilst removing his sheet. He was massive a really thick dick and had a semi but not erect.

What the hells going on here was going through my mind.

He then applied oil to both hands and started to slowly caress Sarah pussy and slowly inserted a finger. Sarah was in heaven her sexy body was wiggling and she was panting and gasping for breath. Her hands held firmly onto the table and I could see the whites of her knuckles. She tensed her stomach muscles and held her breath until she let out a groan as she orgasmed but he Dave didn’t stop and keep on massaging her clit whilst fingering her.

I just couldn’t believe what was happened, by sexy wife naked soaked in oil being touched up by an other man. This was the most sexual arousing thing I have ever seen.

Her great breast looked great and erect so I got some of the warm oil and started massaging them.

She must of come 3 or 4 time more until Dave got onto the table between her legs and I noticed his huge erection with a condom on, he was so thick and long it made me feel quite jealous. When did he put that on?

His cock was touching her parted lips and he inched slowly further into her and then pushed hard until he was nearly fully in. Sarah let out a cry as he started moving in and out getting faster and faster.

I was so bemused with the situation and seeing Sarah so horny I didn’t really take in what was really going on.

To my shock he grabbed my cock and started wanking me, which for a strange reason I was so pleased. Sarah occasional opened her eyes and saw what was going on, my god what could she be thinking.

It wasn’t long until Dave was thrusting fast and with a final push rammed his cock deep into Sarah and came inside her.

He then increased the speed on my cock, really pulling hard back to the base on my cock and I explode over her stomach. I’ve have never seen so much spunk come out of me before.

After a few minutes we had to sit on the floor again in a circle and hold hands whilst doing the breathing exercises again.

It was hell of an experience and worked for us as the sex we had back at home was frequent and amazing.