Written by Happily married

31 Jan 2008

We have been married for 10 years now and together for 12 when we met i heard from other people that Julie had been\"around the block a bit\" and at first that bothered me,everytime we went out she seemed to bump into some guy and i wondered has she fucked him, sometimes later she would admit she had other times he was just an old school friend etc.

After a few years of marriage i began to change my ideas and actually began to fantasise about Julie fucking someone else,one night after a night out and her bumping into another ex i asked her what her biggest fantasy was she laughed and said nothing really why whats yours i took a deep breath and said id love to watch you screwing another man,she seemed shocked after id acted so jealous in the past about her past she played along with the idea while we fucked about what she could do with him could she suck him off let him lick her out etc.

I woke the next morning and thought yes she is up for it then she told me no she wouldnt do it but its a nice thought for us when we are screwing.I was gutted the subject only ever got mentioned while we were in bed and both horny apart from that it was out of bounds.

That was until 2003 when we booked a holiday to Tenerife we had been there a few nights and after one night and getting in to our hotel room about 3am it changed,as we walked in we heard some noise on the balcony near us Julie asked me to go see what it was i looked around then below our balcony and there was 3 lads having a drink i told Julie what it was and she said lets go chat i repiled ok but take your top off and your bra and show them ya tits i couldnt believe her reaction she whipped off her top and bra and said get me vodka and lemonade i have never poured a drink out so quickly i was so determined to get out there myself i never even poured myself one,as i was walking towards the balcony i could hear the lads whistle up as Julie leaned over the rail,i popped my head over and said hello then sat back while Julie chatted to the lads.Julie was wearing a white skirt and as she chatted away i ran my hand up her leg and began to take her knix down the lads couldnt see this of course but Julie knew what i was doing i then began to finger fuck her then kneeled down behind her and gave her oral while she chatted as she was talking she was letting out little gasps when i hit the right spot with my toungue then i heard one of the voices say is your fella fucking you from behind ,Julie said no he is down on me they all let out a cheer i whispered up to Julie to invite them up but she said no,after a while i got up and leaned over the balcony there was only two lads there now one had gone inside to phone home or something one of the two lads looked worse for wear but the other one who was by now chatting up Julie really was standing there with his shirt off showing off his muscular tattoed arms, i said to him do u want to come up and have drink mate he said i thought you,d never ask i will be up in 5 mins, me and Julie walked aback into the room and she lay on the sofa bed with her tits out and only a towel covering her lower half ,she said to me are we sure we want to do this i said yes but only if you want to.She said i do but i know i will regret it later i said its ok we are here by ourselves no one else knows us.anyway the lad arrived and sat down at the bottom of the bed with his drink as i sat at Julies feet we chatted for a bit he said how nice Julie looked close up and what a nice pair she had. i said look mate you do know why we have invited you up here dont you, he replied yeah buddy i can guess you want me to do your wife i said yes and he said well thats not a problem i pulled Julies towel off to show him her wet shaved pussy he said thats nice i then leaned over Julie kissed her and began to suck her tits i looked back and the lad(whose name we never did get)was taking off his trousers and pants its the first time ive seen another guys cock rock hard(except on pornos) it looked about the same size as mine if a little thicker he then began to take the same path i did earlier and began to lick her out i looked up at Julie as i sucked her nipples and she had a beaming smile on her face two men pleasuring her what woman wouldnt i then moved back and let the lad have free reign on my wife he moved up from her pussy kissing her stomach then her tits then began to french kiss her that was amazing itself watching another guys toungue enter my wifes mouth he was now between her legs his cock touching but not inside her pussy i thought shall i get him a condom(Julie had had to come off the pill because of problems with it)but before i had the chance to even think anymore he inserted his cock up her and began to fuck her she was moaning and came pretty quickly then i could see him getting more tense as he shot his load right up inside her as he pulled out his cum dribbled out of her that was an amazing sight.we talked a bit more Julie said she had enjoyed it and maybe we could repeat it before the holiday ended.

He did fuck her again a few nights later again bareback. the holiday ended we got home Julie to our relief wasnt pregnant by me or him and now has free reign to fuck about should the mood take her i got a few other stories to tell and if this one is liked i may well do.

to anyone who wants to watch there wife fucking, take them away get them pissed its well worth it.