Written by J

4 Mar 2011

I at last made up my mind to have my tounge pierced it is something i have wanted to do for a while now. I have had a tattoo done by a studio in town and thought i could return for this to be done. The Tattoo i have is at the base of my spine near my bum and i must say that it quite turned me on when i had it done and my pussy was wet through when he had done . I went in and the same guty was there and he said Hi have you come to squirm on my seat again. I said no I want my tounge done this time.

To cut to the chase when i had it done the pain shot through me and again made me very horny. when he had done i asked him if he could look at the tattoo as i thought it was fading. I took down my jeans turned round and showed him , He said yes i could do something and put his hand down the back of my Knickers and put his hand between my arse cheeks. I said "thats a bit too low for the tattoo " I turned roud and smiled. he then put his hand between my legs and feeling my Pussy was wet he said " I think you need more than your tattoo done dont you . He was right , My tounge was throbing but not as much as my pussy and he knew it. So im stood there in his studio Jeans around my Knees his hand between my legs and he says " Get ready for the best fuck you have ever had i will go over your Tattoo the same time as my Cock is in your Cunt as long as you can sit still. I almost came there and then. The door opened and in walked his Mate,

To be continued