Written by Ann

21 Mar 2012

Hi My name is Ann and i have wrote on here before.

I won't bore you with too many details about ourselves, but having been to see Paul my therapist on numerous occasions i booked Brian, my husband and myself in for one of his massage tuition weekends.

The day before the course, Brian fell off his bicycle and although not badly hurt, was a bit bruised and shook up, so didn't really fancy a weekend of being pulled about. Rather than cancel i asked Paul if it would be ok if my friend Sally could take Brian's place?

It made no difference to Paul so i confirmed we'd see him at 9am the following morning.

Sally is 5ft 2in, size 10, shoulder length brown hair, so we are of similar stature apart from our hair colouring as i'm a redhead. My boobs are a 32B and Sally's are 34B.

Sal picked me up as i can't drive and on the way to Paul's our conversation covered every topic but the massage tuition. I'm not sure if it was due to shyness, embarrassment or just nerves, plus the fact that we'd never seen each other naked before, so our friendship was about to take on a whole new level of intimacy and trust.

Paul greeted us in his usual professional manner, Sally had often commented that she thought Paul and I must of enjoyed the odd intimate moment during our previous massages, but having witnessed his greeting, whispered to me that although he was friendly enough, she believed me when i told her that despite the fact that i wouldn't of objected, he'd never tried to touch me in any way other than a professional manner.

Paul suggested that we may like to undress and slip on one of the robes provided, prior to a chat about do's and don't s, ranging from not to wear contact lenses or jewellery to a range of health related questions.

I was concious that Sally was looking at me as we undressed and despite me trying to appear it was no big deal, i was intrigued as i glanced across at her. We made light of our awkward situation and joked about feeling like school girls getting ready for a gym lesson.

Talk over we made our way through to Paul's Therapy room.

As we entered he said "Ok Ann, as Sally is new to massage i think it may be best if you acted as the body while we work on you".

Paul showed Sally how to hold a towel up whilst i slipped the robe off and then place that towel across my buttocks once i was setted in a face down position.

The routine actually felt quite normal and when we swapped over, sally said she felt no embarrassment as i worked on her bum and thighs.

We swapped again and sally began working on my arms and shoulders, when she started on my torso,I was aware of her taking in, then touching the contours of my breasts. My nipples, as one or two of you will know are always erect and as her fingers ran across them whilst she drained the lymph glands, i detected a sexual shyness in her caresses rather than the nothing special attitude regularly displayed by paul

As i worked on her inner thighs i must own up to getting my own back, plus i commented on the fullness of her breasts compared to mine.

It may not seem it, but time had just flown by and paul said we'd best terminate now, before we overload out brains. HOMEWORK WAS SIMPLE,BASICALLY ALL WE HAD TO DO WAS MENTALLY IF NOT PRACTICALLY, PRACTICE THE MOVES WE'D LEARNT SO FAR.

i did offer to practice on Brian, byt he declined, saying he was too sore".

Sunday saw us going over the moves as on the previous day, and if im honest, the routine has begun to flow.

By the end of the day, we left having enjoyed and learnt so much.

We agreed to the Brian's request that we showed him our routines on the following Wednesday evening.

Part two tomorrow.