Written by Ann

22 Mar 2012

Sorry about having to stop earlier, but i had to pop out.

So We swapped over once more and Sally laid on her back, so i could do her front. Needless to say, judging by the amount of clicks coming from Bri's camera, he also found her boobs very appealing to look at.

So i opted to give her arm's a miss and started to massage the front of her shoulders, obviously i was soon drawn to her boobs, just running my hands over them was enough to excite me.

Whilst i'm quite happy with mine, her extra few inches made a world of difference and due to their larger size, i found them softer to touch, mine are small, firm and perky, but her's had that womanly softness that i'd always imagined bigger boobs would feel like.

Her nipples, whilst not as hard and prominent as mine were so beautiful to touch and play with. After pinching rolling and pulling them, i couldn't resist it any longer, so unsure how she'd react i bent over and kissed them.

She responded with a mmmmmmm that feels nice. Needing no further encouragement i gripped her nipple between my teeth and gently bit it. I could feel it throbbing between my lips as i started to roll it with my tongue, i then sucked it just hard enough to raise the boob, but falling just short of it hurting her.

As i switched boobs and began to suck on her other nipple my hand found its way down over her stomach and onto her vagina. I could feel how moist she was and as i probed her outer lips i could feel no resistance from her inner wall's so slipped first 1 finger, then a second in side her. The come here motion of my fingers rubbing over the roof of her fanny soon had her responding.

I've never been touched by another woman before, she said between moans.

Well if you don't like it, i can always stop, i said with a smile as i looked down at her.

"Stop and you die" was her immediate reply.

She then reached for my face and pulled me towards her mouth. After a rather passionate snog she held me close to her and whispered, "will you eat me"?

I bent forward, kissed her on the lips, then trailed my kisses down over her boobs, then down over her tummy.

I then broke away as i moved to the foot of the couch.

I've never kissed another fanny before, but had always wanted to, so having eased her thighs apart i bent forward and began to eat her. I could taste her juices and as i worked my tongue into every fold of her fanny she was moaning and became quite vocal. Whilst my mouth busily sucked, bite, nibbled and pulled her clitoris she cried out and began squirting. I'd never seen this before and on reflex moved away. As she calmed down she couldnt apologise enough and kept saying sorry for the mess. In truth it was mainly on the towelling couch cover, not that i cared.

I sensed she was content to just lay there so i sat on the edge of the couch and held her hand in one of mine, whilst i gently caressed her with my other.

We sort of drifted into the lounge and lay holding each other on the sofa, whilst Bri went and made us a cup of tea.

Next friday Sally is here again, but although we have already decided we'd both enjoy a more sensual friendship, we have also agreed that next week during the massage we will both act professionally.