Written by laura

21 Mar 2012

About 2 years ago my firm decided what with the recession it would be a good idea to send some of the staff on a team building week. Not really my thing but well a week out of the office okay with me.

When I arrived at the hotel the group I was with were from other parts of the company and a lot younger than me all 20 something. I am in my mid 40s not bad figure for my age and have to say am pretty fit as I cycle the 3 miles to work each day and and go swimming at least once a week. I am divorced with two teenage children and lets say do not go short for sex. I have a great circle of friends and we do a bit of swapping nothing to outrageous.

Anyway as the week went on I was becoming extremely bored by all the moans from supposedly young things how they did not want to be there was a stupid idea instead of just making the best of it. On the third night I went to the bar for a drink and one of the guys from my group was siting talking on his mobile to his wife. When he finished we started to chat and to be obvious he was fit and of course I wonderd if he was up for a little bedroom fun. All he could talk about was his wife they had been childhood sweathearts married at 21 and just had there first child and how much he missed her. To be honest thought he wouldn`t be up for it but the more I drank the hornier I became and he was looking better by the minute. We eventually left the bar for the lift to take us back to our rooms and just as it started to move it came to shuddering halt and the lights went out a power cut I think. I got a bit of a fright and grabbed his arm he put his arm around me to comfort me saying he was sure it would be all right in a minute. I put my arms round his waist pressing myself against him calming myself down. His hand was gently rubbing my back and it was very soothing I pressed tightly into him manouvering myself so my body was leaning against him my head on his chest. I moved a little still gripping him tightly I felt his body give alittle shudder as he tried to move me gently of him but I persisted clinging to him. Slowely I felt his cock harden inside his trousers and I swayed against him still holding on tight. I heard him gasp as his hands dropped to my waist to push me off I whimpered a little and his hands slowely slid down my butt pulling me into him, I ran my hands up his chest circling his neck and pulling his mouth down to mine. He resisted at first a quiet No we can`t and then with a groan his mouth opened under mine and his tongue entered my mouth it was a long sensual kiss which left me gasping a little. Suddenly the lights went on and the lift started to move. His face was red he started to apologise for his actions but I stopped him with another kiss.

We got out of the lift he looking a little stuned by what was happening I led him to my room and as soon as the door was shut he started saying he had never done this before as I stripped and stood naked in front of him. He was soon naked and we explored each others bodies with our mouths and hands. When I took his cock in my mouth he came straight away filling my mouth with his hot spunk. He stuttered his apolgys and then I realised this was his first time of oral sex. We lay on the bed I sucked him hard again and he mounted me fucking me hard until he came again. That night I showed him the joys of oral sex to give and to recieve.

The next day we were taken out to the country to one of those exercise areas that the army used. He made sure he was paired with me and the minute everyone else was out of sight he pulled me into some trees pushed me against a tree pushing his hand down my joggers his fingers rubbing up and down till I was nice and wet so he could get his fingers into my hot wet cunt. I of course got his cock out and started to wank him, no suck me and so I did, running my mouth up and down his shaft, my teeth nibbling as I went. Soon he grabbed my head as he started to thrust into my mouth I felt his cock quiver and with a shout of Yes, Yes he again filled my mouth with hot spunk. This guy could not get enough of my mouth. That night he came to my room as we were going home the next day. I lay on the bed legs wide open and told him to watch as I finger fucked myself to an orgasm. I got onto all fours ass in the air and told him to fuck me doggy style. He was like a dog and I was the bitch on heat, he fucked me, rode me, taking me to that place of no return sexual heaven.

We left next day and I thought that was the end just a good shag but about 3 months later a call to my office to say he was coming to head office could we meet. I told him a little wine bar well away from the company and so we met. He was a little stilted but as the evening went on it all came out that he loved his wife and when he gently tried to introduce oral into their love life she had practically accused him of being a pervert. So they still had a not bad sex life BUT? We left the bar and got a taxi to my flat and of course I let him fuck my mouth and well, he loves eating pussy and so we meet occassionally for a night of oral, I think my next task is to show him the joys of group sex or will that be a step to far???