Written by Gigi69

4 Oct 2016

I have a wonderful long term lover; he's as sexually attractive to me as when we first met around 10 years ago. (I believe in spending time with men or indeed the occasional woman, who love sex as much as I do and who appreciate my wet and excited pussy as much as I do. I'll tell you more if you want to hear more).

My lover is a challenge but so am I and I don't think he's ever met anyone like me before.

You see I believe in making an effort for my lover, taking risks and above all being an active participant.

Picture one of our scenes. Me ready for him wearing beautiful stockings, basque and high stiletto heels, matched with sexy brown eyes and pink lipstick. All wrapped up with skin so soft to the touch and blonde hair. Waiting in anticipation for that first touch again, knowing that each hole is going to get fucked hard and mercilessly and that thrill in the pit of my stomach knowing that I will take as much as I can.

Even better, imagine the look on my lover's eyes as he walked in, the keys left out for him, to find me bent over the bed, pussy glistening, open and ready for his hungry cock and tight ass, begging to be fucked hard. The thrill that it could have been anyone, a stranger but knowing his smell and touch.

I didn't look around, just heard his groan of desire as he knelt on the floor and then felt his warm breath against my ass and pussy. Very slowly, I felt his tongue lick my throbbing clit, fuck my wet pussy and lick my ass. I pushed my ass back onto his tongue, feeling his fingers slip into my soaking pussy.

His mouth turned his attention to my pussy and he turned the attention of his fingers to my ass. Using my wet pussy juices on his finger, he slid his finger gently into my tight ass, making my body shake with desire and making me moan with lust.

I knew he wanted to fuck my ass and I wanted him fucking me hard in my ass, that pleasure-pain moment that tips you over the edge. The so tight feeling for him of my tight ass and the control he has of my whole body.

Within a few seconds, he moved his body up, unbuttoned his trousers, pulled his hard cock out and with a hard thrust, he was buried deep inside my ass. The pain with each thrust quickly turned into pleasure and with each hard ramming I began to rub my clit. He fucked harder and harder, I rubbed harder and came hard as my legs went from under me but he continued to fuck my poor ass harder until with his normal cry, he came so hard deep inside my ass........

I could tell you how when his wife was away I went to see him at his home; it's amazing how an overcoat covers so much temptation. Or the time he picked me up one summer to take me for a coffee but my short skirt and lack of knickers were so off putting that he fucked me in a field with cars and a van driving past, the van driver watching him fucking me from behind.