Written by rep

9 Jul 2008

I have read many of these stories and they are very sexy...I just hope the reality of mine excites you as much...

I am a female rep..size 10 and if I accepted the odd compliment I should say I am attractive..(I am not up my own arse lol)

I was stuck on the A57 from Manchester to Barnsley...really stuck..it was a red hot day and I had decided to change into a small little black dress at the services..(my suit was far too uncomfortable)....on my way through Tintwistle and Glossop...I was stationary next to a HGV with two rather over testorone young men..learing into my car.

I could have ignored them but the heat of the day and sheer frustration of traffic succumed me to find some pleasure out of this situation.....lol

I looked at the passenger who obviously had nothing to do...and he was really flirting with me, you know women can turn the tables so I decided to tease him as we were both stuck with no where to go....

He could see my dress was short and showed my legs so I parted them..licked my index finger and slid in into my panties.... he went crazy..what a shock..(business women do not do this do they?? yep)

after caressing my clit for a few moments I licked my finger..he was completely away with it all....

what should I do now gents....please tell me...cos next time I would like to complete the exercise xxx seriously xx