Written by Jay

10 Jan 2008

2 years ago myself and my wife went away to watch the cricket (eng v West indies) at Edgbaston, we had a fantastic day, the cricket was great and the atmospher made the drinks flow down easily. When the days play finished we returned to our hotel quickly changed and headed straight out for more fun on the town. As the night passed myself and kim were now starting to feel the effects of an all day drinking bonanza. During our intended last pub we started talking to a couple of lads who had also been to the days cricket and we seemed to get along like a house on fire, we eventually were persuaded to go to a club with them and while i stood and talked with the lads Kim was taking turns dancing with them. When it was time to leave Rick invited us back to his flat to watch the highlights from the days play so i decided to go for it against Kims own better judgement who wanted to call it a night. Just myself Rick and kim ended up back at Ricks flat just outside Birmingham c/c. I had noticed during the taxi ride home Ricks hand resting on Kims leg and Kim was oblivious to the contact or was pretending to be. Back in the flat Rick gave us drinks and put the cricket on then went to change, at that moment Kim said we should go in a minute because Rick keeps trying it on with her, but i just told her to stop being a bore it was just a bit of harmless flirting, as more drinks flowed i knew i was really unnder the influence by now and was struggling to stay awake, i couldnt quite determine what was happening wether i was dreaming or wether i was awake, it was at one of those moments when i opened my eyes to see Kim opposite me next to Rick with her Knickers on the floor and Rick sliding his hand between Kims slighlty opened legs, Kim was looking right at me and instanly pushed Ricks hand away saying \"No i cant Jay keeps waking up!\" i instanly fell back to sleep but again could hear Rick telling Kim to open her legs again. Later on i woke again i dont know how much later but looked around to see know one so i walked over to where i could hear nises coming from when i stopped to listen at the closed door, i instanltly recognised Kims voice \"Oh yes! i want to be your slut\" then a sharp slap followed by a whimper and \"Oh, yes big boy\", Rick was not only fucking my wife but he was spanking her something we never did together and the things she was saying id never heard her say before. I listened for half an hour rock hard as Rick really went to work on Kim, he was very dominant and Kim was enjoying submitting to him, she must have cum at least 4 times while i listened and then i could hear his own release and at this point i returned to the couch to sleep, i could hear them talking then and Rick then came out and into the kitchen area to get a drink and i saw his cock, even soft it was twice as long and at least twice the weight of mine, he returned back to the bedroom and Kim came out and came over to me to wake me and told me the taxi was her. I jumped up pretending not to know a thing and we left, still to this day Kim thinks i think we all fell asleep watching the cricket.