Written by Johnson

6 May 2018

It has been an eventful year so far, my wife and her.. Our .. fuck partner, as you all suggested I let her fuck her work colleague for several weeks until she asked him about a threesome with her husband, to her excitement he answered more the merrier.

We arranged it for last night, it was a day of such nervous excitement I spent all day touching her .licking her out and generally keeping her on the boil,

As it was hot I got my wife to dress in a light dress and simple black thong no bra, her pussy was trimmed neat around her lips but with her full thick black bush of hair on top, unlike many guys I love a full bush.

The door rang and she went to open it and bring him in to meet me, he was amazingly plain to look at average of everything and not the super stud I was imagining, after a strange introduction and a while chatting my wife said shall we go upstairs and see how we get on, we walked upstairs and into the bedroom where she took me and started to kiss me , I felt her hand reach out and pull kevin towards us,she turned and kissed him while her hand rubbed my cock..I was hard really hard, next thing I knew she dropped to her knees and started to undo my jeans and pulled my cock out and tubbed it hard and fast so hard I nearly shit my load , she turned to kevin and did the same , I had never seen her so horn he looked at me and said your wife is amazing at that point she pulled us together and put the tips of our cocks together and wrapped her mouth other them, at this point I don't know if it was the feeling of his cock on mine or her doing it I shot my load it was all to much, she swallowed the lot he stood there hard as ever .do you want to watch him fuck me now..yes was my answer but I want to see him come over your bush ..no second he was inside her pounding like a mad man it took a minute or so and it happened like a river of come he pulled out and covered her in it.what happened next surprised me he told me to eat her a d taste him my wife opened hr legs and beckoned me over I went down and ate her she was soaking and his come added to it, by now I was hard again my wife rolled me over and sat on top of me and rode slow and deep , kevin stood next to the bed and wanked , my wife bent forward and said I want you to try sucking him, now I have never thought I was bi but the situation and everything I agreed she pulled him closer so I could reach and in it went amazingly I was so turned on I shot my load into her instantly and the feeling of kevin cock in my mouth was ...I want to do it again put it that way.

Kevin left almost straight away and we spent last night reliving it